ADVENTURE IN MOO YORK maker is fun and really awesome.

Presenting our game....


Today is are last day for game making I have had a lovely

group for game making and we have done a lot on our game I am so pleased with my group.This game is going to be on this page in no time.

Here is a photo of my group on the computer.

im amber .
DSCF1249.JPGi love game maker! amber

Some of the pits we have come across - and how we got out of them:

1. How to create your own sprite?:Go click on the little pacman click load sprite.

2. How to make your character move: click on add event and then press key press choose what actions you want it to do then click on it.

3. How to make other sprites move while your main sprite is moving: go onto key release

4.. How to move to another level:

5. How to collect objects:

Hello feel free to look at this page

This page is sponcered by Jorgia,Maddison,Amber and Marcus

The game is called Adventure in Moo York.

The group that is creating the game is Marcus and the girls.

  • This game is going to be about dairy Farming.

  • It is going to teach you how to master dairy farming.

  • The levels will be based on milking and delivering milk and picking up dairy products.

  • The jersey milk has cream but it is at the bottom.


This is us working. We are making a Character move.

This is a picture trying to get to level 3.

DSCF1249.JPGlevel 3 is my favourite level.

This is us starting our game on game maker.

LED Text Scroller

Cool Flash Comments

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Orkut Scrap Toys

Jorgia is going to do some photos and in between the pits and facts hope you enjoy it.

external image p15704pc.jpgcute cow.jpgcutey pie.jpgI called this cow... cutie pie. Baby cows are calves. They drink Mothers milk not grass. Bulls are kept away from the cows.they are boy cows.Cows are mostly in a heard.This cow has a cat tail.see?Cows and bulls are cattle.Some cows are jersey,some are Freisain. Ferisain's are black and white. Jerseys are gold.cows eat grass and hay. This cow up there is a freisain.Cows are cute. Calves are very cute as. OK. Now do you like cows?Lucky you. Farmers milk cows with buckets, pull the teats. Teats are on the udder of a cow. ccccooooowwwwwwsssss...rock. Cool cows.

Did you know that cows have four stomach and that they safe there milk for there calves and then they would not give the milk to the farmers?

Here is a cow with tags on it's ears so that the farmers can know what cow they have milked and what they haven't milked.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTbHLGWAXBNoknfHXXuCI2yXoPMuPEOQzgIcH9Wt3zzmle2suapEgIn our group Amber is the artist, Marcus is the planner, Maddison is the programmer,jorgia is the researcher.

We have been doing some game making and this is how we are doing the levels in are group.