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Cow track is made by : Ben, Skyler, Eddie and Ezra!!! Cow Track is a game when you need to rescue calfs and bring milk to the milk factory. Ben is the programmer he reads facts and spends most of his time on the computer or helping people! Skyler is the researcher he gives and gives facts to Ben. Eddie is the one and only planner! He draws and plans the levels, Ezra (the artist) is making the characters and creating the song! The theme song is called... Milk is Produced By an Udder!
Cow Track is made to teach others about dairy farming.

In Cow Track you will learn:

What milk goes through in the factory

Here is Eddie doing some planning for one of our levels in game maker.


This is the Tyre shop I made for level 11. It is supposed to give you 5 points and a dairy farming fact(Eddie).We've made our levels of the farm in cow track. We are up to level 1 in delivering the milk to the factory. We have made the main menu using the buttons START, INFO, HELP, and BACK(skyler).


But first, how do you make an object??
See that red pack man near the top-right-hand corner?
Click on it. Then press 'Load Sprite' to load a sprite that has already been made. Or you can press 'Edit Sprite' to make one. When you're in 'Edit Sprite' press what looks like a piece of paper with a green arrow next to it. Then double-click on the checkered square that should pop up. Then start doodling!!!!! The sprite will soon be what your object will look like. Then press the blue ball at the middle-ish top. Double-click the box which has <no sprite> in it. Then press the sprite that you want the object to look like. Then give it a name by pressing the box next to Name: next to it. Delete EVERYTHING in that box.Type in the name you want the object.Press add event and press -><- and choose the object that you want the object to bounce off.I recomend you do this because if you don't your character will end up flying out the window!!!(going out of the screen.)See button that has an arrow bouncing off a blue wall? Drag that onto the blank screen (to do this first click the -><-).Then double left click on not precisly and click precisly.Now click on add event AGAIN and press key press. Press up key. Drag start moving in a direction (arrows pointing in all directions) and drag it into the key press up key blank screen. It should then come up with the menu of start moving in a direction. Click the arrow that's going up and add a speed of your choice. Then repeat this with left key, right key and down key.(Note: you can put the key press events in any order you want.)Now press add event key release. do up,left,down, and right. Drag in start moving in a direction but this time press the square in the middle and speed 0.
How to make the best room ever and a two player game.
First click on an icon of pack man. Second you should click on load sprite there are some good people in there on maze platforms. If you dont like those people then exit and go on edit sprite to make your own one. You need to click on the icon that looks like a pencil and on the other side of the page is were you can choose your colours then go back to the icon of the pencil. And if you make a mistake click on the rubber at the right side and you will then have a rubber to rub out the mistakes then you have your character. Make it an object and put what you want it to do.


Eddie and Skyler wanted to make the menu using the buttons PLAY and INFO.
Solution: Make them an object click add event press mouse left pressed then display a message with info and next room for play!
You want to see the cow track menu? Just click DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do YOU want to see what happened? Just click DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!