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this is groovy cows lava lamp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the Groovy cows group. In our group we are all working hard to make a groovy game. We have different roles like Artist, Programmer, Planner and Researcher. Ryan and Danielle are the planners, Ngawai is the Researcher, Thenuja is the Artist and J'adore is the Programmer. Groovy cows is going to be the name of our game. We are making a game about cows because we are learning about dairy farming and the most common animal is probably the cows. We will show you in our game what sort of products you need for the dairy. The farmer has to collect all the products without running into any bulls (enemies). So far we are building onto level one. All of us are really proud on what we have proceeded. We are going to keep building on our game and try and make it harder as we go.We love cows so much.
Wish us luck.

From The Groovy Cow Group.

When Mr. Kinane came over to our class for a visit to see what we were up to, He showed us some setting we need to use before we upload our game. Some were about changing the icon to a photo we want instead of game makers photo. So it would become our game. There are all kinds of settings that we are aloud to have.


Here is J'adore Programming groovy cows! It is level 1 ( the easiest level on earth)

Unfortunatley we only have this week to finish our game. We are all glad that our game is nearly finished. We are adding way more facts and way more points then usual. We are trying really hard to finish our game. I would like to thank Lucas, Ben and Channon because they have helped us with alot of stuff. We also would like to thank a couple of website for hepling us with our juicy facts:

Thank you for all your support guys :)

Here is a little voki I made. Listen to it to see what we have been up to :)

You wouldn't believe what happened to our game. J'adore was playing the game and then it froze on the fact. Lucas told me what to do. It worked but It deleted the whole of Level 4. Now J'adore has to start all over again. J'adore is working from Ryan's Maths book to make level 4 again. It looks very snazzy but I can't fit it all in so I'm making up the other half. I'm so glad we are almost finished our game. Stay tuned for a PowerPoint that we are going to share on this page as a slide share. See you next time on.. GROOVY COWS!

14/8/12 pits

How to write the facts:
First you click on the object that you want to have a message on example farmer. Click add event and then select collision farmer. You have to make sure the object is solid. Click on one of the mains on the side bar. Look for the icon with a speech bubble and and some lines in the middle as writing. Type in what you want it to say. Click okay. Again look on the side bar. Click on each one and look to see where there is destroy an instance. Drag it into the same event underneath the your speech. Click okay when the window comes up for the settings. That will destroy the message when you press okay when it comes up on the game. There you have it now you know how to write facts in your epic game!


Here is level 1! It is awesome. It took alot of hardwork to make this level because we didn't know much about game maker 8. Since we have been reading alot of menus, watching alot of video clips and getting alot of help from our class we have improved every week especially on our programming. I think we will be able to finish this EPIC game, We just need a little bit more time!

This epic page was created by....... J'adore,Thenuja,Ngawai,Ryan and last but not least Dannille !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!