Presenting our Dairy Farming Game... "The Milk Bottle Hunt!"
Click on the file below to download and start to play!

We are working on our game,for landscape learning!

Our game is called '' The milk bottle hunt'' Carol is the researcher \ Artist, Kirsty is the planer\programmer.

zac is the programmer, and george is the Artist\ Reseacher!

We got into some pits (its when you get stuck), but we can always get out of the pit! (we can solve the problem).

Its gonna be awesome when we finsh the games! (ps. we made 3 levels)

By Carol =)


This is level 2 on the milk bottle hunt

this is level 1 on the milk bottle hunt

This is our Loading room

This is our menu for game maker


The milk bottle hunt

We are making a game that will teach people Dairy farming facts and to have some fun in a computer dairy farming game.
In our game if you touch a bull you will go back to the begining of the level and if you touch the cow poo (green blob with brown spots) on level 4 you will also go back to the begining of the level. It is good to collect the hay and milk bottles to find out new dairy farming facts.

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We have finished our first level so far. We've also finished level 2 and level 3. We're still working on level 4. I managed to finish those levels and start level 4. it's nearly finished. I can't wait till we finish all the levels.

We have done alot of progress with Game maker and it is really FUN!!! I wish we could do this all the time.

By Kirsty


This is me (Kirsty) designing a sprite on game maker.
By Kirsty :)

The milk bottle hunt Pits

Carol and George wanted to make it that the bull made the cow start the level again.

Solution: Cow(Main charecter) -)(- Bull Action Restart

Carol and George needed to make it so the cow stopped moving when we stopped pressing. This is called key release.

Solution: Add event = release and you do it for each direction. You put the speed as 0.

Kirsty was having trouble making the logo that she designed go onto her game.
Solution: Type in on Google cool utils browse for your image and add it to your game.



Heres our pits we got stuck in and fixed it.

We have finished Level 1,level 2,level 3, level 4 ,level 5, level 6 and started on level 7. We also made a menu with a start button, and info button!!!!!!

to do list

level 6= need to put more milk bottles .



level 1= Milk bottle paddock

level 2=

We have done the golden milk bottle! (echo) golden milk bottle! so if you play the milk bottle hunt and get the golden milk bottle you complete the quest

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we are nearly finished the whole game!

In our game making we are doing very, very well at the moment and we did 7 levels. By Zachary


We have finished the whole game!