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Week 8 - Let the Celebrations begin!
Everyone in 5F celebrates Christmas in a different way.
What does Christmas mean to 5F
  • The day Jesus was born and people give presents because it's like giving a present to Jesus.
  • It's not all about presents - it's the thought that counts :)
  • It's not all about getting - it's about giving too.
  • All your family gets together and celebrates Jesus to say thank you.
  • You should really get about 3 presents because that's how many Jesus got from the 3 wise men.
  • Get together with family. Cousins come. People fly in from overseas. We have a big hangi.
  • A day to enjoy and have fun.
  • It's Jesus's birthday party and you don't have to be invited and you don't need to get party bags you just get presents.
  • Celebrating with your family.
  • Remember Jesus - thank him for making this world better.
  • To bring joy to everyone
  • Be nice and not mean to anyone - it's a fresh start.
  • When you get some thing remember to say thank you even if it's not something you wanted.
  • Time to think about others and not just about yourself.
  • Listen to songs
  • We are nice to others as the best present for Jesus - LOVE

Term 4
Sorry you haven't heard from us in a while - we have been busy working away on a variety of projects and can't wait to share them with you. This term we have been learning about wild and wacky animals. We worked in teams to research an animal of our choice. We had to do a presentation in front of the class and here are a few of our presentations:

Now we are in the process of finishing off our own Little Bird Tale. We have created our own creative animal and written a narrative story about it. We can't wait to share them on our own individual wiki page - keep an eye out.

Bible Photos.jpg
Look at my awesome class! Such blessings :)

Check out this song for pronouns :)

Above: Some of the 5F crew saying goodbye to Ezra on Friday. Ezra and his family are returning to South Africa and he will be greatly missed by everyone in 5F.

This term we are creating a report in our Kagan teams. We all have different roles to play and each team is learning about a different animal. We get to choose a creative way to present our report rather than just in a plain written form. Later we will go onto designing our own animals. From there we will create our own little bird tales using our new made up creature.

Click 'edmodo' below and join our class discussion.


Germ Attack by Kirsty, Amber, Finau, Michael
What a vibrant, colourful game! You listened carefully to the class you made your game for. The dodgeball game provides a challenge for the player. I can't wait to see what your chosen class thinks of it and what they learn. From Mrs Samuel
We thought the game was awesome and we will look forward to playing. The graphics were fantastic. We also loved the different colours and trendy music that went with it. We just can't believe that children in our school are so clever and creative to be able to make their own computer games. It would be really cool for you to give Mrs Field some lessons on how to make one. From 4A and Mrs Field RATING: 26 likes out of 26 students!
The Adventure of Winter Health by Maggie, Channon, Emmanuelle, Ryan

Mrs Wee's class learnt ALOT from this game. Wear warm clothes. Germs are bad for you. Boogers are bad. Water keeps you healthy. When you use soap, germs die. Always keep healthy and fit. Don't go outside if it's really cold (without the right clothing). Carrots are healthy for you! This game got 20 likes, 5 kindalikes and 1 dislike. Awesome work team!

Winter Wind World by J'adore, George, Paige, Carol

Another group that has listened carefully to their chosen class. This is a fun game with lots of children to collect for points as well as information. I am looking forward to seeing what the kids in your chosen class think! From Mrs Samuel
Logan and Lucas from 5E gave this game a whirl! They both agreed that it was awesome. "It's really awesome and fun. The germs are bad for you. If you eat germs then you will get sick. You will have to stay in bed. You will keep spewing until all the germs are out. You wont have a very good day that's for sure!" So that was a big TICK from these boys! Well done team!
Winter Sickness by Ezra, Ngawai, Maddison, Zachary

2B gave this group 21 likes out of 21 students. They learnt so many things. To beware of germs. Wear warm clothes in winter. Not to go in cold water. And last but not eat healthy food.

Germ Defense by Thenuja, Marcus, Milan, Jorgia, Eddie

This game provides quite a challenge for the player to get involved in. The background on one level is a striking and different from other games made in this class. A few bugs that could be fixed but overall the children in Mrs Governder's class will enjoy. From Mrs Samuel
Winter Health Game by Lucas, Danielle, Skyler, Beracah

What a hard task you had for this game guys - having to make it for new entrant children! This game is nice and simple ans really suits your chosen class. The graphics are very well done on level 1. I like how it is challenging and you have to be fast to get away from the germs! I bet your class is going to adore this game. Well done. From Mrs Samuel

Germ, Germ, Jam, Whoops not Jam, I was hungry, Achoo, Germs are Coog by Ben, Erikah, Senaya, Jada
5E played and learnt that there are different bugs. They enjoyed playing. 19 happy faces and 18 kind of faces. Why was everyone not happy? There were a lot of bugs in this game unfortunately so there would have been more happy ratings if the bugs had been ironed out before publishing.

Check out this game that writing group 1 found today!

Our first time making an INFOGRAPHIC! Check it out!

New folder (3).jpg

Week 8 and 9
We have been working on our procedural writing in Year 4 over the last few weeks. In true Kagan style, we have been working together to write cooperatively. Instead of 'Poem for two voices' we made up 'instructions for two (or three) voices'. We made it a bit of a competition for Dojo badges! It has been really fun.
Instructions for 2 voices:

AB = How to make snazzy friends.
A = First pratise with your sister or brother.
B = But if you don’t have any, use your parents.
A = Kindly go up to them and say “How do ya do partner?”
B = If they start laughing continue with your jokes.
AB = If not…
A = Try something new and introduce yourself properly.
B = You have to get to know them well though.
A = Spying won’t work so make sure you talk it out with them.
B = You have to be relaxed and it won’t seem bad after all.
AB = There you have it, You’ll be making friends in no time. HOWDY!

By J’adore and Jorgia

Instructions for 2 voices:

AB = How to make a lego ship.

A = We’re going to tell you how to make a lego ship.

B = First of all you need a bunch of blocks.

A = Second of all you need to start off little and get bigger and bigger!

B = Next you need to make the next part.

AB = Lego may be a toy but you should respect it.

A = Then you need to build up the details.

B = If there are stickers, then add them over.

A = Don’t shoot at any body parts.

B = Now we’re finished.

AB = Lego is a living creature!

By Ben and Michael

Instructions for 3 voices:

ABC = How to annoy your parents! Today we are going to teach you a trick on how to annoy your parents!

A = Step 1, In the morning, wake up very early (I know this can be a bit of a pain).

B = Step 2, sneak into your parents bedroom then tickle them!

C= Step 3, Hide under their bed and then shout “Good Morning Sunshine!”


BY Maggie, Senaya and Maddison

Instructions for 2 voices:

A B = How to write a speech.

A = First choose your topic.

B = Next get a piece of paper, pencil and a rubber.

A = Then write about your topic.

B = Maybe get some books out from the library to help.

AB = Time to write on cue cards.

A = Or write it on the laptop.

B = Then print your cards.

AB = Now check you have written your speech.

By Emmanuelle and Zachary.

How to not get bored!

A = Step one. First get on your own computer and type in your favourite game.

B = Step two. Get a projector or mimio and practice math questions.

A = Step three. If you don’t have these objects then don’t.

B = Step four. Get 2 remote controlled helicopters and if they have guns here is a war tip – get your missile to hit the rotors.

A = Or get a remote controlled car.

B = If you have a brother or a sister, have a no rule race!

By Channon and Marcus

How to make comics!

A = To make comics you will need a pencil (or pen) and a rubber.

B = You’ll also need a few pieces of A4 paper, depending on how many pages you want.

A = Fold the A4 paper in half and then staple it together.

B = Think up a name and topic for your comic.

AB = Now that the book is made, start doing the pictures and words. Now keep following these steps.

A = Think of some characters to put in your comic and give him or her a name.

B = Just remember a book should go from here to these (Meaning beginning to end).

A = Draw squares to draw the pictures in.

B = Add speech bubbles and put in what you want the character to say.

A = Add words like BOOM and POW (You don’t need to use these words though).

B = You can make it funny if you want.

AB = Now you know how to make a comic book! Horary (At the back you can write what your comic is about)!

By Eddie and Skyler

How to tie laces

A: Step 1. First of all you tie a knot.

B: Step 2. You make a loop.

A: Step 3. You get the other piece of string and tie it around the loop.

B: Step 4. You pull both loops.

AB: You have just tied laces.

A: Step 5. If you want a double knot you cross the loops and put one under and pull.

B: And that’s how you ties laces.

By Erikah and Ngawai

Best Wiki of Week 7: KIRSTY!! Check it out by clicking the link below:
Well done Kirsty. I really like the way you have things in order and they are dated. Can't wait to see more of your awesome learning.

Week 7 Term 3
Gosh, we haven't posted anything on this particular page for a while! We have been so busy with Art Intensive week, speeches, speedminton, game making, farm visits, recorder lessons, maori language learning and cross country training so please check out our individual pages down the side to see how we are going. We are adding to our pages each week so keep your eyes peeled.

We are so lucky in 5F to have amazing supportive parents that really get involved in helping when they can. We feel so supported when parents come to watch our swimming lessons on a Monday, attend speech finals or simply just say hello when walking past. Jorgia's Mum emailed in some very special photos from a few years back. See if you can spot some of our snazzy 5f family...

Jadore, Maggie, Jorgia, Kirsty Old photo.jpeg BenJorgiaOldPhoto.jpeg

Week 5 Term 3
This week we had our Year 4 finals in the library. These 3 5F girls got through to the next level. Well done to everyone who competed. We are proud of you.

Week 4 Term 3
Planning out the game using the grid paper in our maths books.
The artists and programers have been creating their own sprites for their games. Check out this cow!

It's a busy life being a programmer!

We will be watching this next week 5F as part of our descriptive writing about a farm character.Check it out!

We are going to be making computer games about dairy farming as part of our landscape learning topic. Check out some of these games that other people have made. They might give you great ideas for your groups game:

Some people in our class have started a personal project. This is a project where students get to choose what they want to learn about and then present their learning in a creative way.


WELCOME TO TERM 3! Hope you have a wonderful holiday break.
We have got straight back into our learning:


CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR CORKBOARD.ME Kagan Team Questions on Dairy Farming


29/06/12 - Look at these beautiful 5f girls preparing for their kapa haka performance today :) We were so proud to see you up there :) A special thank you to Jorgia's Mum for taking these photos :) Take care everyone and have a lovely safe holiday break :)
kapa haka.jpegkapa haka2.jpeg

Busy people in 5F. This week we started 'My Learning' where everyone has their own personal timetable. We are going to start this properly next term but we wanted to give it a try this week and see how we went. We will keep you updated but so far it is working wonderfully.

Above: Jada helping out Jorgia look up words in the dictionary. Great team work!
J'adore and Kirsty working together to publish a poem they created today. They explored lots of different publishing options and decided to go with using the voice recorder in the start menu. They then had to convert the wma file into an mp4. They got there in the end after working hard together. Well done girls.


So many people have been away last week and this week so I thought it would be a good idea to post up the homework sheet if you missed out on getting one.


Jorgia shared a special book she has on making pom poms with wool. She has a special tool that helps her make hers but if you watch the youtube clip below, you will be able to make your very own pom poms at home :) Bring them in to share :)

Today we started a new type of writing: EXPLANATIONS
Group 4 worked with Mrs Samuel today to create a rubric checklist for what they know so far about what an explanation needs:

Group 2 worked on writing some explanations of their own. Maggie came up with some great examples:
Why do you wipe your feet before entering a house?
Why do you wipe your feet before entering a house? It is because you sweat in your shoes and stinky bacteria grows on your foot. Then when you take your very first step into the house, the bacteria comes along, the bateria goes onto their foot and makes them unhealthy. This is why we have to wipe our feet before entering the house.
Why do houses have windows?
Why do houses have windows? It is because if houses didn't have any windows, the house would be all dark and spooky like a haunted house. If they do have windows the light from the sun can come into the house. Windows also keep us healthy because the light from the sun will sooth our skin. This is why houses have windows.

Check out what we did today in Maths:

Below is an animoto of Mrs Samuel's Arts Rotation class. They are learning Keep your Head up by Andy Grammer. They know how to sing the song and dance to it as well.

Today was the offical Book Week parade. Year 5 put on a fantastic assembly for the Senior School! They sang songs and we all had a great time! J'adore got a certificate for excellent improvement in Spelling! Beracah got one of Mr Jenkins special pens for choosing to behave positively! Thanks to everyone who put in the effort to dress up and have a wonderful time together. Check out some of the photos Ben took of our special day.

Check out one groups lesson about Pigeon Post communication:

Check out one of the groups lesson about Cavemen communication:

Check out some Art we did with Stu!

Check out one groups lesson about Egyptian communication:

Stu Duval! (Ben took the photos!)

Today we were finally able to see Maggie's group present their Morse Code lesson. Thenuja and Maggie introduced what they were doing. Emmanuelle and George were on the computer doing the powerpoint presentation as it was talked about. Afterwards they provided a question and answer time.Maggie then asked everyone to stand up, hand up, pair up and decide who is A and who is B. A got to do a quiz quiz trade and B got to work out a morse code at their tables! Everything was very well organised. We are proud of you team! Check out their powerpoint below.

Maggies Group.jpg
Here is Maggie's Team hard at work with 5F.

Check out our masks again for Book Week! (5F, we should have a go at presenting some of our learning using ANIMOTO, it is seriously cool!)

Today we started our Kagan group lesson presentations. Students led lessons about different forms of communication. Today we heard about sign language and tvs and radios.

This group taught us about TVs and Radios. They had great enthusiasm, wonderful facts and all participated equally. We were all very impressed with Ezras leadership during this task. Well done guys - we are proud of you!

sign language.jpg
Here are a few pics of the sign language team presenting their lesson to 5F. Everyone participated equally. They were very well prepared with everything needed. They had an excellent attitude and were very excited about sharing their learning with the class. They remembered to acknowledge the different sources of information they used. Their instructions were very clear to the class as well. Overall there was excellent team work and heaps of fun had. Everyone had to listen really carefully to the movie they had put together because there was a worksheet for them to fill in afterwards. Well done team! We are so proud of you.

Above is a document Ben put together as part of his teams lesson. He created this document as a help sheet for teachers at school incase they need to sign specific phrases with children. Well done Ben. Thanks for putting in so much time and effort. This is a valuable resource.

Below is part of the sign language lesson.

Well, Bookweek has started with a BANG! Today we started all sorts of fun filled reading activities as part of our Bookweek celebrations. 5F children have been creating Fotobabbles (check them on the childrens individual pages), they have coloured in Chinese New Year masks, written postcards to friends about their favourite books and even read poems together with buddies. Other activities will also be explored such as making Jigzones, bookmarks and pyramid dioramas! Keep your eyes peeled for more photos and exciting creations from Bookweek as we celebrate our love of reading.

We LOVE Friday afternoons! At 2.30 we do buddy reading with Mrs Morgans class. At the start of the year we use to just buddy up and read to each other. This term we have made things even more interesting by buddying up and sharing our wikis AND by sharing other learning we have done.

Presenting...BOOK WEEK. After a week of testing, we are so glad to be able to let our hair down and enjoy Book Week. The theme is SHOWTIME. We have made masks in preparation. In class we will be working on many book related activities. We will also be going to a performance by Stu Duval. There are books on sale in the library (check them out!!) We will be parading on Friday sometime in our costumes and to top it off, there is a MASQUERADE School Disco Friday night. Watch this space for photos as we get involved in everything that is SHOWTIME!
Here we are with our favourite books from home.


This week we talked again about the things we are good at. Everyone is good at something. Everyone has a passion about something. In 5F we have many passionate people. Some people are passionate about LEGO! Others about drawing, reading, writing, or playing instruments.
Here is a very clever lady in our class. She played 3 pieces of music for us on her violin. We enjoyed her performance.

Sorry we have not posted in a while...this week has been testing week.
Last week we sadly said goodbye to one of our Year 4 teachers Miss Lindsay. She is going off on her own adventures and we wish her all the very best. We can't wait to hear about her travels.
Thanks to Ben for the photo :)

For homework this week and as preparation for Book Week, we made masks! The theme this year for Book Week is SHOW TIME!


Today we have had a real focus on TEAM WORK. Mrs Samuel had a look through her Kagan booklet she wrote in at the beginning of the year and thought it would be a good time to share the quote below:
NO LOGS - This means, while we are in our Kagan groups (or any group for that matter) we don't want people that just float along and sit back, letting everyone else do the learning.
NO HOGS - This means we don't want people in our groups to be selfish and expect to be the leader, or the writer every time, hogging all the good jobs.
JUST COGS - This means, we want people in our groups who work together like cogs.

Class Building is an important part of Kagan. Class Building is a time when everyone is standing up, walking around and working with lots of people in the class. It can be an activity just for fun or it can be about our topic of learning. Check out the activity we did today for Class Building. ENJOY!!!
Today we took an activity out of SILLY SPORTS AND GOOFY GAMES. It is a Kagan activity book. This activity was called PUZZLED PEOPLE. First we had to draw a picture in our Kagan group.

Next, we had to cut the picture into 4 equal pieces and give one piece to each person in the group.

After that, Mrs Samuel put music on for us to groove away to. When the music stopped we had to swap our piece of puzzle with someone else who was not in our Kagan group. We did this a couple of times because we were enjoying the music!

Finally we had to put the pieces of the puzzle back together again. Does this sound easy? Well we were not allowed to talk at all! We had to go around silently and find others with the same puzzle pieces. We had so much fun as a class and grew closer together.

During writing, we are involved in many different activities. Some people work on the laptops, others do thinking skills activities, others are with the Teacher and then there is FREE WRITING. We love free writing time because we get to write about anything we want. We create games, comics, letters, cards, and even plays to perform.

We have had so much fun this afternoon making some crystals. Ben brought in a great book that has heaps of experiments in it. We got to go to the staffroom! Thanks Ben for bringing the book in to share AND for taking these photos of the process!

A game of Tapawai before home time.

Today some senior children came around to our class to talk about an exciting competition! We get a chance to name the Wakaaranga chooks! We have been given a purple piece of paper with the chooks on them to write our name ideas. These then need to be posted in a box by 6G's door. Good luck 5f! Let's hope one of us come up with the winning name!
These notices went home today:
Some children in our class brought in their very own crystal collections! Thanks for sharing these special items with us. It was great being able to hold them and feel their texture.

We were so lucky to go with the art teacher at the beginning of this term. Check out the art we created with her! These beautiful prints are hanging up in our classroom and make the atmosphere so bright and bubbly!

We just started our new landscape learning topic today: CRYSTALS!
The beginnings of title pages for our new topic!!!

Also: Check out these youtube clips (Thanks Year 4 Teachers for sharing!!)

Kagan Jot Thought activity before diary writing...
Here we are doing our first activity as a new Kagan group! This activity is a version of Jot Thought. Students have to brainstorm in their teams. Teammates announce their idea and then write it down on paper. The team tries to cover the paper with ideas. We use this for Diary writing. We first talk about our weekend adventures and then we are given a piece of paper. Mrs Samuel starts the timer and we brainstorm our weekend words. When the time is up, we count the words up and the team with the most words WINS! We put this team brainstorm in the middle of the table so when we start our writing, we are able to use the words our team has come up with.

New Kagan Groups!
Check out our new Kagan groups! We can't wait to get to know each other better and do some team work!

Senior Assembly - Presented by Year 4!
We are soooo proud to have won the Wakaaranga E Award this week! To win this award you have to have the right rubbish in the right bins. You also have to have all bags zipped up and hooked up nicely.

Our assembly wen really well. Year 4 sung an amazing song about keeping the earth clean. Jorgia and J'adore presented their poems very clearly. The best news of all was that we won the e-award this week! Yay for us! So proud of you 5f.

Here are some groups getting ready for their role plays!

We had an exciting afternoon watching role plays! All groups have presented now. Time to move onto learning about CRYSTALS!


Look at this Kagan group! They have been making props for their role play. They have a brush, a spade, fossils and a bucket. They must almost be ready for the performance tomorrow :)

These paleontologists have been busy making computers. Computers are important tools as they store data that is collected.

Group 3 were on the laptops today during writing time. It was their turn to have a go at using the Lego Comic Maker to publish some writing. This group whizzed ahead ( I think because there were some lego crazy people in this group!!) and created some great comics. Well done team! Can't wait to see them printed out :)

J'adore and Erikah are hoping to enter their narrative story into the Barfoot and Thompson Young Authors Challenge 2012. They have to finish the story and submit it by the 11th of June. The judges are looking for a developed, original idea, interesting characters and setting, an inspirational message and no more than 750 words! If the story is selected as a winner, they will get to work with experienced authors to prepare their story for publication! Blues captain and All Black legend Keven Mealamu will also illustrate the book! We hope to get our entry in on time :)

Here is one of the groups who presented their fossil learning to the class. Everyone was blown away by the effort this group put into their slideshow. I'm sure other people around the world will benefit from this learning too. Well done guys :)


Here we are at the end of the day giving out letters from our letterbox. It's great to get an encouraging message from our classmates!

We have really achieved heaps today. Everything seems to be coming together as we are coming to the end of our Fossil study.
We are really proud of each others projects and are looking forward to seeing the role plays on Friday!
Lots of groups are now onto creating and practicing their role plays of a paleontologists work. The Kagan groups have written scripts for their role plays. Mrs Samuel has photocopied these scripts and we are busy learning our lines ready for Fridays presentations. Hopefully Mrs Samuel can video these performances and post them up here on the wiki!! We know you will enjoy them.

Another few groups have completed their fossil presentation! Looking good guys!

Check out the Prezi above which was made by Jorgia, Erikah, Ben and Michael. It explains the process of how a fossil is formed.
Well done!! It looks great :)
More practices today for our Senior School Assembly on Friday! It's going to be great!! See you there.

We have moved away from Jump Jam this term and are doing different stations for 3mins. There is skipping, step ups, running and other exercises!

Here we are doing a Kagan activity called 'Poem for two voices'.

Landscape Learning FOSSILS

Landscape Learning FOSSILS
We have been learning all about Fossils this term. We are currently working in our Kagan groups on a couple of projects that put all of that learning to use! The first thing we had to do was make a flow chart explaining how a fossil is formed. We could use anyway we liked to present this. Check out this wonderful flow chart that one Kagan group did together using Word.

This Kagan group is now working on creating a role play about the work of a Paleontologist which will later be videoed. Keep an eye out for other groups flow charts and role plays as they are finished and presented here on our 5th classroom wall!
Different Kagan groups working on their projects. Some chose to use powerpoint, and others chose prezi.

Here are some groups creating their role plays. They have to write the script and then practice HEAPS before they perform in front of the class.!

Practicing for Senior School Assembly
This week we are preparing for our Senior School Assembly. We have been very busy learning songs to sing. J'adore and Jorgia have been practicing their poems to share. We hope you will be there to see Year 4 in action!

Using Lego Comic Maker
Today during writing time, we decided to try out the Lego Comic Maker online. We were asked to use this programme as a way to publish writing we have done in our Written Language books. We found the website easy to use and very fun.

Click on the Fotobabble below and then check out our wiki rules under that :