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Our new topic is winter health!

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At art we are making Ocarinas ( clay whistles)

I made a sheep Ocarina! it was a little hard

but at the end it was very easy!

I added detail and it was so cute!!

external image il_fullxfull.330624188.jpg


I know the notes B A G

Here is a song: B A G B A G GGGG AAAA BAG!

It is called ''hot cross buns''

Cross country:

We are trying to run 2 whole courts!

To be fit, I was very tired on the first time we did it.

But then, it gets easy!

Baby G

Baby g is as naugty as a boy!

He munches on fresh grass!

sneaks in the bushes its fur is like hard wood!

looks as friendly as a bunny but is naugty as a boy!He even went

on a bus!!!!!!


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Week 4:
this is a pig i saw form Ambury farm!!!!!
this is a pig i saw form Ambury farm!!!!!

This is a pig I saw at Ambury Park Farm!!!!!!!! It is very stinky.

this is a funny picture of me and maggie

this is what I made for p.p

this is what i did for p.p


This is my Alien called bloopers

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍NZ FACTS

  1. Wellington is the national capital.

  2. Queens town in the south island calls itself the Adventure capital of the world

  3. NZ's largest cities are Auckland and Wellington in the north,Christchurch and Dunedin in the south.

  4. captian James cook sailed around NewZealand on the three separate voyages, the first in 1769‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

Christchurch to Queens town!
external image christchurch-to-queenstown-via-mount-cook-one-way-tour-in-christchurch-2.jpg

carol's_tagxedo.jpgThis is my tagxdo!
We are learning to write a recount with 3 paragraphs. 17.02.12

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, we are heading down to snowplanet to celebrate my birthday! It's going to be fun. Wait..... whats that smell? oh no it is the smoke pipes in my

chimney, of course it filled my nose with smoke! My family are getting ready right away! Finally I got in time....

''Move,Move,Move'' Carol, shouted my dad. It's to squshy in the car! on the same time ... I told myself...squishy as 1000 people gathering around! It was a long ride and I slept for an hour!! Finally we were there! First I went to see the mud pools! Bobble, bobble, bobble went the sound of the mud pools. Later we went to Snow Planet! It was very cool! I did a flip and a flip and a jump! When I finished the time a lady said "You did it! " and then we had lunch. After we went home I had a good day. It was as good as chocolate!

I was really fun and I had a great celebration. I really want to go thereexternal image 9DFBz.png again

external image Hlcob.png

external image gDdnz.png

Whats a fossil?

  1. Fossils are stone remain of animals and plant
  2. Fossils can be the bones or the footprint in the sand
  3. Most fossils are made by ''Mold and cast''
  4. sediment= little bits of mud

what is Palaeontology ?
external image DSCF6060.JPG
  1. Paleontology is a study of fossils and the history of life

The jetsons part 1 !!

The jetsons part 2!!

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Ambury Farm trip

Ringggggg! the bell Rang, it was time to go to the dairy farm! First we went on the bus ,it took very long.

Finally we got there, it was very nice to see the wonderful view,of the farm.

First we saw baby G ,My friend Thenuja thought it was a dog. That was very funny.

Yeah! we saw a bunny it was very cute,But before we take a look at them, we had to go in the shed.

Hahaha,that jersey cow had really big udders! the people told us that the Jersey cow make more creamy milk than friesian

cows.Then we took all the milk the cows made and placed it in the shearing shed, then they seperated the milk and the cream.

with the cream we made butter , shake, shake shake, we were having a relay, we was making butter.

Finally we got to see the cows,Baby G(a goat witch climb trees alot),chickens ,pigs and turkeys.

It was time to go back, and I hade a fun day =)

The end

My speech ( dreams)

I have a dream that one day i'll get to ride a magic carpet with my faveourite character Aladin,

I have a drea that one day at christmas it would snow like a winter wonder land.

I ask you how is this posslibe?

through dreames of cause.

Today i will be telling you about the wonderful place your dream can take you,

First of all why do we dream? I think you dream because your brain needs to go to a scary or relaxing holiday.

but the scentist - the smarty pant,tell us that we actually dream because in the morning, your brain is sending messages around your body which helps you snezze, laugh talk, learn and more.

so at night your brain needs something to do , they need to keep themselves busy all night long.

your brian never rest, kind of like a night time sucurity gaurd watching a movie , sometimes funny , sometimes scary.

For esample have you ever dreamt that your grandma was stuck on the toilet , or have you ever dreamt that you were sticky ninja?

what was the coolest? what was the worst? but no matter what you dream, they sure are entresting!

somepeople say they dream in color, somepeople say dreams are in black and white, and somepeople say if you dream of an apple

it symbolizes knowledge, wisdom ang great fortune, Wow I thought apples were only good for keeping away doctors!

Others even wrote poems, they drew master pieces, and solved really hard math problems!

but the most amazing cases are the ones where people sleepwalk.

Amazingly there has been cases where they woke up to find them selves in diffrent citys

how would you feel if you went to sleep and woke up in hamilton.

Did you know kis actually sleepwalk the most?

Although you might not end up in Hamilton tomorrow,

You could still end up at the breakfast table, without knowing how you got there,

or worse at school, in your most embarassing pajamas!

So , image what it would be like not to dream,

Never to see those magical places your dream can take you.

wouldn't your life be more ,boring.

Although, sometimes it could be pretty scary, i still think we're luckly that we can dream!

This is a picture of a person sleepwalking with a fake dog (which is a pillow)
This is a picture of a person sleepwalking with a fake dog (which is a pillow)

A man dreaming of him getting stronger
A man dreaming of him getting stronger

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can you read this invisible writing:enjoy my page
read this; My name is carol
first highlight.
Invisible writing~ BOOOOOOO!!!!!

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