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Here is my little bird tale

1/12/12 (24 days 2 Christmas YAY!!!)

Look at these pictures from Lolcats.com
It's the last day of November today!! Tomorrow is 1/12/12!!!
Oh, and look at these pictures i drew on paint!! (they are very bad i know)
TIGERMEPRINCESS (i hate them but i just drew it anyway!!)
24/11/12 Sooo, we've been doing the song Boom Shack-A-lak for Jump jam, and i found it!! Can you do the dance without seeing it on the screen? (The video of the Boom Shack-A-lak Jump jam is not on YouTube)

More jump jams!!

Look at this very funny photo!! MEOW!!!
Chrissie Cat.jpg

14/11/12 Look at these!!(Look at top one first!!)

On the one under these one is about Christmas, but they call it Twistmas!! They will show all the monsters when they ask, What do you want? and continuing to the other monsters.

08/11/12 Lol these cats are so funny!


29/10/12 'Eye of the Tiger - Lyrics'

26/10/12 YAYY!!! It's nearly Halloween!
Oh and if your on moshi monsters, you might want to check this out!

23/10/12 Look at these funny babies! (below)

The 2 bottom videos are of the same baby! He laughs at everything!

23/10/12 Ross lynch,

16/10/12 Look at my 5 page Doc all about my fave Monster on Moshi Monsters...The Katsuma!
Click download to see.

13/10/12 These cats are funny and cute!

13/10/12 Mr.Snoodle do the doodle!
(Moshling on Moshi Monsters)

Dozen Roses Love Note

Dozen Roses Love Note

MySpace Codes

Halloween Card

Oh look at this above!

Look at how long it will be till Halloween!

06/10/12 Lol, check out this website! Hahaha! They think its Unicorn Poop but it looks like cake!
03/10/12 Look Katsuma's can cry for 42 seconds!
Here's my proof!

01/10/12 This is the kind of stuff i like!

30/09/12 Hey 5f open my Moshi quiz then print it and after you've done my quiz come find me at school and i'll check your answers!

30/09/12 What moshlings do you want?
I have Angel and might get Sooki-yaki

iggy.pngI.G.G.Y is the rarest moshling!
30/09/12 Which monster do you want? Only on moshi monsters
katsuma thinking.png
Do you want a katsuma like me or.....

A daivdo?

Is it a zommer you want? Or...

poppet dancing.png
A dancing poppet?

A furi.Sorry that he's crying, he doesn't like having photos taken.


My voki1!
My voki2!


Hey 5f please play my game and tell me if there were any bugs and your rating for it!


My instructions for 1 voice,



Check out these websites above to find answers on how god was made.
22/09/12 These are video's from Moshi Monsters!
First up, I.G.G.Y!

And Now Lady GooGoo!


Zack binspin....

16/09/12 My new favorite t.v show is....

The legend of korra.jpeg
You got it! The legend of korra!!

This is Mako, Korra and Bolin in lego form.
This is Mako, Korra and Bolin in lego form.

11/09/12 How to make Schnitzel!

What you need:

Beated eggs,

Beef schnitzel, (3 piece)


bread crumbs

(in bowls) (NOT the schnitzel!)

Lets start cooking!

Put the schnitzel on a plate. Then put your first piece of schnitzel in the flour, next put it in the beated eggs, then the bread crumbs. Repeat this for all pieces.The egg makes it so the flour will stick on! Clean up before continuing make your schnitzel. Wash your hands and clean the dishes. You still need your schnitzel on a plate! Get out your electric frying pan, marmalade, and a spatula. Put some marmalade in the pan. Your pan should be on by the way! Mix around the melted butter. Rip up the pieces to make more room for the schnitzel. Let the schnitzel cook till it's cooked. Add more butter if the pan isn't sizzling! Move the schnitzel around so it will cook faster. After about a minute turn over your schnitzel. If you have lemons, cut them (not all of them) into quarters. Maybe about 2 lemons is enough. Time to serve up the dish you just made!You should serve your dish with other things, like potato and vegetables. Squeeze the lemons on the schnitzel to make it more yummy.

You are now an expert at making beef schnitzel!

Enjoy your dish!

Emmanuelle is cool
Image by Cool Text: Free Graphics Generator - Edit Imageand pretty!
Image by Cool Text: Free Graphics Generator - Edit Image

Instructions for 2 voices:

I'm A and Zachary is B.


How to write a speech.


First choose your topic.


Next get a piece of paper, pencil and a rubber.


Then write about your topic.


Maybe get some books out from the library to help.


Time to write on cue cards.


Or write it on the laptop.


Then print your cards.


Now you have written your speech.

09/09/12 These songs is are soo funny!

7/09/12 Look at my corkboardMe! Just move the board around so you can see what i've written!
‍‍You should all really watch these super funny video's
These are the series from Simon's Cat! 06/09/12

~The spongebob squarepants movie!~ 03/09/12
Yesterday I watched the The spongebob squarepants movie.My favorite t.v show is spongebob squarepants and now the movie is here!There is a part in this movie that it feels like the end and made it me cry!Then i cheered up when i found out what happened, you should of been there with me there was a part oh sooo funny i laughed until i cried!It was such a good movie and i have it recorded on my t.v so if you want to watch it make a time for a play-date so you can come over and watch the movie with me!
The crazy end!

My book review 02/09/12
Selena the sleepover fairy,
This book has 15 chapters and 3 parts,which means there is 5 chapters per part.Names of each part:Part 1:The magical sleeping bag,Part 2:The enchanted games bag,Part 3:The sleepover snack box.The first two chapters i read with my best friend Ngawai when i was there for the night.If your a girl and like to have sleepovers then you should read this book.The fabulous end!

Art!!!!! Week 6 29/08/12
Last week for art we were making Ocarinas. If you don't know what ocarinas are i'll tell you, ocarinas are whistles only they look like animals. They can look like cats, dogs, birds anything! My animal for the ocarina is.....(fake drum roll) a cat! So is my best friends!! The ocarinas are identity art so everyone wrote up ideas on a whiteboard so the animal in the most ideas will be the ocarina animal you make! Plus some animals are simple, like snakes. Some people had to keep restarting on their art. Lucky me i'm not one of them! But i had to fix my ocarina up! I had to put the legs back on because i forgot to Join,Jiggle,Scratch and Slip.(J.J.S.S) I hope you will have fun at art like i did!​
New words,
Join, add to. Jiggle, make it look like it's part of your art. Scratch, use one of the art tools to scratch. Slip, the stuff you use on clay to make things stick to it.

~ROGER~ Week 5 30/08/12

When we went to Ambury farm I saw a rooster. He was one of my favorite animals there.His name is Roger.Roger is very loud and must KEEP EVERY ONE UP AT NIGHT!!He looks like a ROCKSTAR because of his moahawk!!Roger the rooster must of always felt happy!Plus wanting all the attention.He's as loud as my sisters phone alarm!Kock-a-doodle-doo!Thats what he sounds like.I bet soon he'll be a rockstar rooster.Kock-a-doodle-doo!

ambury farm.jpeg1/09/12 I wonder what's happening on the 7th of october?

yummy icecream.jpeg1/09/12 Yummy Ice-cream!!!!!I'm now felling hungry!!!

Glitter Text Graphics - http://www.sparklee.com
Glitter Text Graphics - http://www.sparklee.com

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Welcome to my page...
My name is Emmanuelle. I'm 8 years old. I was born in South Otago and moved to Auckland when I was 3 years old. I have one big brother called Josh who is 19 and a 16 year old sister called Charlotte and she is she is amazing. We live with our mum Rochelle who is studying at university and likes to go running nearly every day.‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍
My favourite colour is purple.
My favourite number is 11.
My favourite program is Spongebob Squarepants...bahahahahaha!

spongebob.jpeg spongebob-spongebob-squarepants-30655474-433-305.gifSpongebob squarepants mate.He rules!
319140_177508205670219_165514476869592_383119_54365601_n_large.jpg tumblr_luivg33Ql11qfsrx7o1_400_large.jpg

5 questions with answers!
Stuff I know about...Demi lovato
1.When is Demi Lovato's birthday?
The 20th of August
2.What year was she born in?
3.How old is Demi Lovato?
She is 20 but she looks 16
4.On Youtube how many top tracks does Demi Lovato have?
67 videos
5.Am I her biggest fan?
Yes I listen to her music everyday!
If you go down to the bottom of my page you can watch 2 of Demi Lovato videos!!!
Demi Lovato.jpgdemi lovato 2.jpgDemi Lovato 3.jpg
I hope now you know everything you wanted to know about Demi Lovato!
22/08/12 You should play this game.To play it go click it then it will take you to the website! I hope you like the game!(if you have already played it!)

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This is my speech below
3 tigers.jpg
TIGERS- Are the biggest of big cats!
1.Tigers belong to the Panthera family of big cats which includes lions, jaguars and leopards. There are six subspecies of tigers known as: Bengal, Sumatran, Siberian, Indochinese, Malayan and South china.
2.Of the tiger subspecies, the Siberian is the biggest and the Sumatran is the smallest. Tigers are found in parts of India, eastern Russia, and eastern and southern Asia. All six subspecies are in endangered. In fact, there are fewer than three thousand two hundred adult tigers left in the wild.
3. Tigers are apex predators which means they are at the top of the food chain and only hunted by humans. Tigers have a wide variety of prey, but they specialize in killing hoofed mammals such as deer, antelope, wild cattle and wild pigs.
4. Habitats of tigers have traditionally been forests, mountains and coastal mangrove swamps. But these natural tiger habitats have been progressively destroyed and populated by humans which has limited areas for tigers to live and reduced the amount of prey.
5. Tigers live for 15 to 20 years in the wild. But in zoos tigers have been known to live up to 26 years! Tigers like to live and hunt alone. But female tigers will keep cubs with them for about 2 years until they learn to hunt properly.
6. Tiger eyesight is similar to our eyesight during the daytime. But tiger eyesight is 6 times better than humans at night. The tigers hearing is excellent and tigers can roar so loud they can be heard 5 kilometers away. The tigers sense of smell is very sensitive. Tigers can leave their scent on things in their environment, like trees. Then other tigers moving through the environment can smell the scent left by other tigers.
7. Unlike other big cats, tigers like water, and are very strong swimmers. Some tigers can swim up to 6 kilometers using a doggy-paddle technique. Tigers will take to the water in pursuit of prey or just to cool off.
8. I love tigers and feel sad that they are endangered because of humans. I think you will all agree with me, that tigers are beautiful and special creatures worthy of care and protection so they don't become extinct.

baby-tiger-02.jpgThe end.

~Our topic is about dairy farming.Here is stuff about it!~

The milking part of the cow is called the udder. On farms the cows have to be kept away from the bulls or they will do something bad like fighting. Who wants to see a cow and a bull fighting?Nobody ok! Cows gives us things like Cheeze, Yougurt , Milk and even Ice-cream! We expore dairy products to other countries.The farmers need to hold the cows gently to attach the milking cups...If you don't do it gently the cow might kick you! You don't want to be kicked by a cow, don't you?

Here are some people being told about how to milk cows in the milking shed.I'm in the photo!If you didn't know that your welcome.
This is one of the cardboard cows!!! ;)

Look at the big cow!
When we went to Ambury Farm, I had lots of favorite animals but the bunnies were my 1st favorites! My 2nd favorite animal was Baby G, he's very cute and did you know that Baby G has his own Facebook page! All he'll type is...Maa Maa Maaa! I wish we could go back to Ambury Farm! It was awesome!


This is my name is Chinese characters :D


Here's a photo of me and my friend Emma. We get called "Em'n'Em" when we are together. We had been at Maraetai beach all day and were going home (:

miley.jpg mileey.jpg



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These are my favorite videos!

~Hope you liked the videos!~