This is my snazzy little bird tale
I hope you enjoy!

My Description of Baby G.
Baby G! A cute little goat. SHOW DON'T TELL!
Baby G is a very clever goat.
She even has her own face book page about her.Baby G is very cute and is a very very great climber.
She even hopped on to a bus one time. Baby G has alot of hobbies like when she hopped on a bus. Baby G is also very adventres and likes to eat alot. Like grass leaver and most of the plants and trees
Her personality is cute funny soft adventres and going on busses. Baby G is very fast at running.

Every week we went to art. Art was so fun. Can you guess what we made? We made ocarinas which is whistles. I made a little panda which was holding a peice of bamboo. Jorgia helped me make the bamboo and put it on my amazing art work.
First you have to make two pich pots.
Then you have to do the S,S,J,J which stands for strach slip join and jiggle.
After you do all of that you can start putting on a off your decorations.
Week 5 Term 3
Here is me making my cow sprite for our dairy farming game:


Me and J'adore were on webcam toy. We took a photo of our swapped faces:

We have started doing recorder lessons in class. One of the songs we have learnt is hot cross buns. Here are the notes:
BAG BAG GGGG AAAA BAG. The other song is called dinner time. We practice on it a lot. My favourite song out of all of them is Hot Cross Buns.

We are learning Maori words. I have learnt heaps of Maori words from different video clips.The day we do it on is a Thursday. The words I know are:
Kia Ora
Whaea and a lot more that would take up my whole page.


Every Wednesday we go to speedminton with Mr. Manion. Speedminton is very fast. You have to have your brains on. There is a game called king and the other one is just shuttle runs. Shuttle runs is my favourite. We are very glad we have a teacher like Mr. Manion.


Every Monday we are going to swimming untill september the 17th. My teacher is Amanda. Amanda is also my brothers teacher is well.

I am having doing swimming. I have learnt alot. I really like doing swimming. I am group one.

Week 3 Term 3

We went to Ambury Farm for our year 4 trip. There was a calf that was born on me and J'adore's
birthday. Poncho was born on J'adore's birthday and Cashmere was born on my birthday. Poncho was born on the 16th of July and cashmere was born on the 24th of July.

This is my volcano speech - August 2012
Wow Mt Tongariro erupted again 7.8.12! (central North Island, near Lake Taupo) Read my speech.

This is me doing cross crountry training to get ready for the real thing.

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This is my bomomo I made.
Erikah bomomo.jpg

Me and Jadore are working on a project. We are doing it on Volcanoes.
Did you know that there are over more than 60 volconoes that are extint,dormont and active.
Dormont means they are reasting and are active.

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This is my answer garden:

How are you?... at


We are learning to write a recount with 3 paragraphs. 17.02.12
My Pool Party
On Saturday I went to a pool party at Lloyd Elsmore. It was so much fun at the pools,as soon as I got in the pool my friend came running up to me,her name was Kayleigh. It was her 6th birthday.
It was so fun because we had a blow up Iog and you could sit on it like a horse it was cool because there were boards too. A green one and a purple one. After a while we had to go and have some food. There were marshmallows, pebbles, chips, pizza and cake. The cake was the shape of a frog.
I was really exited because I hadn't see Kayligh in a long time. She was excited too. We played mermaids and sharks. It was cool as! I had so much fun!
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These black and white cows are called Freisans.

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These brown and white cows are called Jersey cows.

Click on this and read it.
Hope you learn something new.

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This is a 250 piece puzzle me and my mum did together.
Me and my mum enjoyed doing the puzzle. It was really fun to do!
‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍It took about 5 days to finish


What is paleontology?

1. Paleontology is the study of fossils, Earth science and also the history of life and remains.
2. It is also the discovery of the new life.
3.They have to study alot abot paleontology for research.
4. They also need to know what is also happening in space.
5. They also need to describe the animals that have died.
6. A paleontologist is a scientist who specialises in paleontology.
7. The paleontologists create a more complete story of life and history

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