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This is my EPIC little bird tale!

Travelling to the Moon!

One day a girl called Jada wanted to travel to the moon. She wanted to be the first, youngest kid to travel to the moon. So she left with food but while she was on the way to the moon she was hungry! When she squeezed the tube toothpaste came out. Ohhh nooo ‍I forgot that I packed tooth paste! Now what am I going to eat? Oh well I might just have to survive with tooth paste.

Hey whats that big crash noise?
Ummm... excuse me but what are you going in my rocket and who are you?
We are from Jupiter, we are Jupiter aliens and we are trying to travel to Mercury.
Opps I landed on Jupiter, I'm supposed to be on the sparkling moon. Can you come with me?
Ok :). Good-bye other aliens I am going to travel to the moon now...
Yay finally I am here!
Do you want to play a game?
Sure! But how do you play?
Easy if you know how to play tag.
I don't.
OK I will help you. Are you ready now?
Your in. Tag I gotcha. Now I'm in.

The .......END......OF......MY .....STORY.... IS.....HERE!!!!!


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My Mum

She shines in the sun.
She sparkles like a diamond
She is as special as a crystal
Her eyes are like gems.
Her skin is as smooth as a feather.
Her clothing is as styly as a models clothing.

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Listen to my recount writing!!


Oh my gosh! I forgot its christmas morning! I wonder what santa gave me I better wake wake my mum up first.

I ran as fast as a cheater to my mums room. "Mum!!! Mum, it's Christmas morning" She told me to wake up her friends so I did that. They said it was too early so I waited. Finally my mum was up so I ran into the lounge and saw Santa gave me an antler headband and a note. Mum said I could open one present and Santa left a big crumbly mess. When my mums friends woke up I said lets open up the presents but I had to hand them out.
I felt happy after I opened up all the exciting presents. Mum said I have got more presents she was going to bring home.

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Watch this. It was done really well!


My Speech

  1. My speech is on "The naughty corner". I have to sit in the naughty corner when I am naughty. The length of time depends on how old I am. 1 minute for each year so 8 minutes for me since I'm 8 yrs old.
  2. Every time I am sent to the corner Santa counts that as a bad moment.I lose one present for each time in the corner.Santa replaces it with a stinky onion.
  3. Last year I received 4 onions that means I lost out on 4 presents Nooooooooooo! Mum said that one of those was a laptop! Urrrggh!................
  4. What happens to you when get in
    trouble for something naughty?