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Here is my Little Bird Tale:

My holidays

Friday/Last day of school:

Ring! Yay! School is over! Could it get better then this? Before I left, I took all the stuff I needed out of my desk exsept for one thing. I shoved all my stuff into my bag and left with: "My friend, Kimberly, Stephanie (Kimberly's friend), Stephanie (Kimberly's sister), and, Of course... Myself! Oh, yes it was Kimberly's birthday, I nearly forgot to tell you! We were going to the cinimas to watch... HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA! But first stop... To the moon! Well, actually, I made that up, we are going to Kimberly's house. On the way to Kimberly's house we came up with nicknames for the: "Stephanies." Stephanie (Kimberly's friend) was nicknamed: Stephy! And of course, Stephanie (Kimberly's sister) was nicknamed: Stephanie! When we got to Kimberly's house, there, was food and cake on the table for afternoon tea. We gobled it all up and then we gave the presants to Kimberly to open. Then, as soon as we knew it we had to leave!

Tip: Always double check you've got everything before you leave somewhere.

Thursday/First week of the holidays:

Yippie! Today I was going to go to the Zoo with: Kimberly (My friend), Stephanie (My sister's friend/Kimberly's sister), Linda ( Kimberly's mum), and Mairi (My sister). Mairi and I packed our selfs morning tea and lunch, and then waited until it was time to go. Suddenly, with a hop, a skip, a knock and an open of the door we had gone to the Zoo! The first thing we saw at the Zoo, was the Girrafes, Zebras, and Ostriches! At 11:15 we fed the Girrafes, it was awesome! But I had to feed it quickly because I wanted to dodge it's slobbery, slimey, sticky, long, flexibal tounge!
Then, we decided to move on, and chill with the Springboks and Rhinos. Ok, I know I'm going to bore you about every animal I saw, so those animals i just said before are the only animals I'm going to tell you that I saw. After a while of looking at animals and having lunch, we left the zoo. I had a great time!

Tip: Don't get into stranger danger by someone who you don't know asks you if you want to go somewhere with them. Always make sure you know who your going with.

Friday/Last week of the holidays:

OMG! Today I'm going to kiwiyo at mission bay with my friends! When we got to kiwiyo there were hundreds of people queing up to go in. Well, of course , it was a hot day. When we FINALLY got in, there was a range of cups to select from. I chose a middiem sized cup. Then, we poured in the flavour of frozen yogurt we wanted. I chose cookie dough and chocolate. Next, we added toppings, I went crazy on the toppings, there were lollies, chocolate, fudge and fruit to choose from. After that, we payed for them and ate them. It was delicious!

Tip: Don't put to much stuff in your kiwiyo otherwise if it ways to much you will have to pay more.

My discription of an animal on ambury farm
Her name is Jade. She is fantabuolous Jersey cow, with an udder as big as an elephant. She is as brown as creamy milk dark chocolate and is as pretty as a rose. She is as cheeky as a monkey when it comes to kicking people and is as loud as a Gibbon. When it comes to eating grass she is a lawn mower. Jade is as fat as a building and is a boulder when she is relaxing in the sun. Jade is as soft as a Trufferler tree's leaves, and is soup when she is clean. When Jade is dirty she is grimey. Jade is lavendar scented and is as sleepy as a sloth. She has a goofy grin and has a smize in her eyes. Oh, and of course she lives on the magnificent... AMBURY FARM!!!
Guess what! I've finished my Ocarina. It's gone into the kilin now. Soon I'm going to be able to paint it. Then it will go back into the kilin for ANOTHER two weeks! After that we're going to get our Ocarinas back and be able to use them for decorations and whistles.

How to make Ocarinas:
First, you make two pinch pots. One is normal the shape, semi sphere and the other is the same but with a tube bit on it. Then you use the s.s.j.j method (scrath, Slip, Join, Jiggle) After that you add the detail: Head, legs, paws, webbed feat, eyes, ears, nose etc. Next you add the: stripes, dots, fur, etc. Next you put it in the kilin for two weeks. After two weeks have gone by you take them out and paint them and glaze them, then you put them back in for two weeks and then they are done!


I'm so happy, because this week is art week for 5f! We're making "Ocarinas" They are whistles. We are making our Ocarinas animals that reprasent you. I'm doing the tiger because... I'm brave, I'm strong and I never go wrong! No, just kidding, because I'm... Brave, strong, BRAINY, loud... and I like them. Did you know? That tigers are my favourite animals? I've nearly finished my Ocarina, I just need to finish the stripes. I don't think my Ocarina will make a sound beacause my hole wasn't deep enough but it will make a good decoration and it was fun to make.

These are a few Ocarinas...

external image image.jpg
external image image.jpg

Dairy farming


Dairy farming facts
Here are some Dairy Farming facts I know since I'm a farmer. "MOOOO!" Oh all right Kolo I'll milk you now. Never mind her just read these facts.

*Cows have four stomachs
*Some female cows have horns
*Cows that are brown are Jerseys
*Black and white cows are Freashins
*Most cows do pugging(Stomp around in the mud and make it really sticky and un-even)
*Bulls aren't a type of cow
*Cows are faster than people

Oh, your back again thanks for reading my facts. OUCH! Oh just a few tips if your on a farm... Always and I mean ALWAYS listen to a cow! You see Kolo just kicked me because I didn't do what she wanted me to do. Ok thats it from me today I hope you like what I did. Bye.

This is a story about me, my class and mrs Languford's class on a school trip to ambury farm

OH MY GOSH! Thats such a cute goat! Everyone screamed. "Munch, Munch, Munch." There was a goat reaching up as tall as a Girrafe to eat some leaves. "Hello I'm going to lead you around the farm today, but first you can have some morning tea. Said Merida. In the middle of morning tea... "COCKLE-DOODLE-DOO!" 'Oh, thats Jaxon." Said Merida. After morning tea we went to the Milking shed. We saw two cows getting milked they were Jerseys. Clover and Jade are their names. Jade has really big udder, the size of an elephant!
We got to pat the cows and watch them getting milked. Here are some of the cow's calfs names: Cardigan, Ponsho, Jumper and Chashmere. Its funny really but also cute because they are all named after Jumpers! After that we went to Debby Who taght us about Dairy farming. Then we did a play on Dairy Farming, I was the Milk truck driver, Erikah was the cow and J'adore was the farmer. A little while later we had lunch. After that we went around to look at the animals, I saw eight lambs, Oh and guess what? We saw the goat again! then when we were patting the goat we saw that the goat had a coler. It said: "Baby G." So the goat's name is Baby G! A little while later we saw a sign that said: "Baby G has a facebook page!" OH MY GOSH! I thought, I don't even have a facebook page yet! We went to the hens next and got to go in their pen. WOW! It's a Turkey and theres another turkey there! The Turkeys were really scarey but I liked them. After that we went to see the bunnys. They were really cute! "I think we have to go now." Said my mum. So we got onto the bus and left Ambury farm. I'm really sad we had to leave, but atleast it was fun.

This is my speech. If you want to know it... READ ON!

"On your markies, get your car keys... GO!" Whoosh! "The cars are speeding!" Kirsty's in the lead! "Three more metres and she wins!" "One metre down, Two metres down... THREE METRES DOWN!' Kirsty won! "The crowd goes wild." YAY! I won! Oh hi there as you probably guessed I was using my imagination.

Have you ever thought about what the world would be like without imagination? Without it people wouldn't be able to invent anything! We would have no computers, no tv, no games and no toys. No fridges, no washing machines and NO FLUSHING TOILETS! EEW,life would be horrible!

You all know how to use your imaginations. Children use it all the time when they are playing. I'm sure you have all done lots role play and invented games with your friends.

Imagination is when you think of somethin in your mind that is not real. I like to makeup exciting and adventurous stories and my mum says I have an amazing Imagination.

To have Imagination you first have to have experiences. From your experiences you make memories and these memories are the building blocks you use to imagine things that might happen in the future. The more exciting things have done in your life the more exciting things you can imagine are going to happen. Its as simple as that.

We use our imagination to make sense of what is happening around us in the world. Imagination helps us understand things so it is also important for learning. For example, if your teacher is telling you about the solar system, if you didn't have imagination you wouldn't be able to picture it in your head so itn would be hard to understand.

People need their imagination to make up stories. Can you imagine life without your favourite books and movies? People like J.K Rowling must have huge amounts of imagination to come up with all those incredible Harry Potter stories full of amazing characters and weird and wonderful magical creatures. I wonder what kind of crazy experiences she had to make her come up with stories like that!

Just like J.K Rowling you need to use your imagination when you write fiction stories at school or at home, otherwise you wouldn't be able to think of anything to write and the story would end up being really boring and just full of facts. Then it wouldn't be a fiction storie at all, but a non-fiction story. Without my imagination I wouldn't even be able to write this speech.

You need imagination to be humorous to. Nobody would be able to make up jokes without imagination. Without jokes and humour we wouldn't have many things to laugh at imagine how sad that would be!

Without imagination nobody would be able to create fabulous buildings and structures such as the eiffel Tower, Empire State Building and New Zealands tallest tower the Sky Tower. Everybody's houses would be identical and you might get lost on your way home because you couldn't find your house.

So you see, life would be very different if we couldn't use our minds to be inventive and creative.

I've got to run now, I'm going to be late for the prize-giving! I can just see it now: "The grand prize winner is: Kirsty!"

The end!


Here is a poem that me and Jadore made. I is called 'The all day poem'


Trip to Lloyd Elsmore

This is my recount...

Bo ya we're going to Lloyd Elsmore,wait lets fast foward,thats better. I raced up the stairs and hung my school bag and hat as if they were trying to commit suicide. Soon we were on the move, I jumped for joy,lines were as straight as stilts when my smile formed and stuck to my face.

Yay! we're here. I can hear the bees buzzing and the trees swishing. I can smell the smell of nature and fresh air. I had fun walking to Lloyd Elsmore but it was more fun at Lloyd Elsmore, we maped most of the places at Lloyd Elsmore, then we ran to the playground and played and played and played until...a little while later I couldn't find the rest of the peaple in my group but then... Jorgia and J'adore strode down the hill and onto the ledge of the wood,I followed them then i realised that there was something cufed in Jorgia's hands...they were cicada shells! We got a bag and flung them in there.On the way back me and J'adore got distrackted by a knock knock joke that went on for ages, until we got to the class.

I'm kind of sad we had to leave at least it was fun

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This is my fotobabble. This isn't acctually my favourite book, I'm just dressing up as Hobbes the tiger for the book parade. I'm so exsited! Please listen to my fotobabble!

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This is my jigzone of my favourite book. Try put the puzzle together.

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We've been learning about inventions!

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