Last week 5f went to the ART ROOM for Art. We were making OCCARINAS

(clay whistles) It was really fun there I wanted to do millions!!! Here is a descriptive writing on a animal from Ambury farm. BABY G Baby G is a cute little fellow with hoofs all muddy and stinky. shes got a cute as tail that looks like that of a bunnys. don't go too close to her otherwise she'll head-butt you and you might get unconsous! she's a climber but don't climb after her because you'll tumble to the ground!!!

diploma-generator.jpg DSCF1149.JPGyou won't believe what happened on MONDAY!!! I went to Ambury farm with the class to learn all about dairy farming. I was in the Oranges so I was seeing the cows being milked first then the play then after that we did the walk around the farm!



heres a jigzone for you! hope you can do the puzzle. he he hee

LED Text Scroller
Heres a minecraft video

now funny inventions!
A christmas carol from the flinstones!

accidental inventions.

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