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Baby G is a very naughty goat. She likes to climb the fences and eat the plants. She is free ranged so she can run and bound around wherever she wants on her farm. Baby G is a giant eater! She even has her own Facebook page!

18.08.12 Last week was art week for my class. We made terracota clay OCARINAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! A ocarina is an traditional American flute-like wind instrument that you blow into, you cover the holes to play. I made a sheep(lamb) one. At first we had to do some sketches of the views from all the directions. When putting the clay together, we had to use the SSJJ method-scratch, slip, join, jiggle. Our art teacher, Mrs. Murray, also show us a powerpoint about ocarinas. It was sooooooooo FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is my speech about cats, hope you like it!

Do you own a pet? What about a cat?
Cats are very good to keep as pets. They can sometimes be hard to understand, they act friendly and affectionate one moment, then weird and mysterious the next. Cats can be one of the most popular pets in the world.
Domestic means a thing that is owned. What about a domestic cat? Domestic cats are all over the world, especially in Asia and America. We believe that ancient Egyptians were the first humans to domesticate cats because scientists have found cat mummies in Egyptian tombs, plus they also found some mummified mice! Did you know that there was once an Egyptian god who was a cat?! Like their wild relatives, domestic cats are natural hunters able to stalk prey and pounce with sharp claws and teeth. They are particularly effective at night, when their light-reflecting eyes allow them to see better than much of their prey.
Have you ever wondered how many different cat breeds are there in the world? There are over 300!
Speaking of cat breeds, I am going to tell you about them! As I said, there are many different ones, so I am only going to tell you a few of my favourites.
Have you ever heard of a Ragdoll? I think all of you would have picture of an old, homemade, ragdoll in your mind right now. But did you know that there is a cat breed called the Ragdoll? Ragdoll cats have loving personalities and a soft silky coat. Just like dogs, Ragdolls are trainable, eager to please and can learn to come when called. They love to play fetch and carry things in their mouth. Ragdolls have very soft voices, but they are very loud purrers! They love food so much so they can easily become overweight.
American Longhair cats are from the United States. They are crossbreeds and they come in many different colours like white, brown, and black.
There is also the Siamese which comes from Thailand. It has short fur so they don’t need much grooming.
The Aegean cat originates from Greece. Its fur is kind of long and has triple coloured fur.
California Spangled Cats were first found in the United States. They have short fur and a spotty pattern like a Jaguar.
The life cycle of a cat starts when the kitten begins to grow inside the mother cat’s body and about nine weeks later, the kitten is born. There are two to six kittens in a litter.
The kittens are blind and deaf for the first two weeks. The kittens spend most of their time sleeping and drinking their mother’s milk. When the kitten is two weeks old, it starts seeing and hearing things.
A week later, the kitten takes its first wobbly steps. After some days, when the kitten is more independent, it starts playing with the rest of the litter.
At six weeks old, they can start eating solid food. Then, the kittens learn to wash themselves; at first the mother licks the kitten to keep them clean. After some weeks, the kittens grow bigger and bigger…they are now adult cats!
Then the life cycle starts again and after that it goes on and on and on.
Are cats smarter than dogs? Most people have no idea how to answer this question. But anyway, here’s the answer: the answer to this question can be either yes or no, however, Many cat owners believe that a cat’s independence, sensitivity to its surroundings and impressive abilities as a hunter mean that it is smarter than a dog.
Cats can be very cute, but just remember to look after them properly and give them lots of love!

08.08.12 Last week my class went on a trip to Ambury farm. We got to watch how the cows were milked, plus other interesting stuff, including making milk into butter, tasting fresh butter, learning about 'From the cow to the glass'...........and LOTS more!! My favourite bit was when walking around the farm and stroking the animals, I also fed the bunnies with grass and lettuce! I was in Jada's mum's group. Did you know that A Friesian cow can produce 32 litres of milk a day while a Jersey only produces 16!
Some more facts:
-The Jersey cow's milk is very creamy
-A Friesian cow is bigger than a jersey
-Cows have green poo because they eat grass, YUK!!

Some photos:

At the milking shed
Me and my friends climbing a tree

This is my Bomomo.

1.3.12 This is the homework that I have done in my homework book.

23.02.12 Here is a comic I created.

We are learning to write a recount 17.02.12

Can you beleive what I did in the weekends? I went to Pamure basin fun day and it was really fun.

They had a lot of fun stuff but most of them were for little kiddies, first I went on a small wheel which had a lot of seats on it and I thought my brother was coming with me but he was too scared so he didn't go on it, Next I went to the playground to play for a while. After that I went on a tractor ride. Then my Mum said that she would buy us some sausages. We were then allowed to go on the big bouncy castle.

It was a great day that day and I really enjoyed it!!




04.05.12 Diary of a Paleontologist.

04.05.12 Check out the offical video for Keep your head up by Andy Grammer.


04.05.12 Check out this amazing video of Geronimo Stilton!



Crystals often form in a hot situation.

Crystals contain minerals:

external image Phlogopite%20Mica_500x337.jpg

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSkPI7gZKnLkUzMuNpOVfGT0hSnM_b5ht2giDUHeD11CWGT5NEXCw

Pyrite(Fools gold)
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQJyE1HcwGglnVi46HrYqTooaDjh1wfnU2e_IxcjHnVwdzyRWjL

Real gold
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSuEWMMgpdIj7aQC5yp7v-caBQbq3un5jpcUdtd1OYzONeVJU4ztg

More Facts:

Crystals usaully form in caves.
This is how a crystal forms: Water drips---then evaporates---Leaves behind a tiny Deposit.

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Our new topic is Dairy Farming and here are some facts about it:

There are two kinds of cows- the jersey and the Fresian
The milking part of the cow is called the udder
Cows have four stomachs!

Check out this video about Dairy Farming:

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