This is my EPIC little bird tale.

this is us at speedminyon
15.08.12Here is my desciptive writing
Baby g is as muddy as a chocolate mudcake.And as cheeky as a chimpanzee.Recorder - In recorder we can play B A G. We can play B. We can play a G. We can also play an A.Swimming - On Monday we did survival lessons. On these lessons we had no goggles! Can you imagine that!!Maori - In Maori we are learning to answer questions about how we are feeling.Also as adventureous as indiana jones.Baby g thinks shes the boss and the farm animals are her minions. once baby g got into the bus she must have been Art we learne how to make clay whistles

This is my speech . Hi my name Marcus

and I am going to talk about Iron Man.

I chose Iron Man because I have seen
the Avengers.

Iron mans real life name is Tony Stark.
His job is an industrialist , and hes also
an inventor. He inents lots of difrent types
of weapons. He lives at the top of Stark Tower
a big black tower.Tony stark owns the whole thing.
His buisness is called stark indistries.

Did you know that Iron Man is a Marvel
superhero he is not a DC superhero.
The people who created iron man were
stan lee larry lieber don heck and jack

Tony stark has the special Iron Man suit because he
needs it to protect himself from shrapnel
getting into his heart . Shrapnel are the exploding
fragments of a bomb thrown out of an exploding bomb. Tony stark got the shrapnel when a booby trap exploded and lots of small metal pieces went into his chest.

Tony Stark has to charge the suit once a day or else his suit won't work - otherwise it's too risky.

Iron Man had a fight with Thor God of lightening in the movie The Avengers. In the fight Thor shot Iron Ma with lightening. Then the lightening gave Iron Man extra power.

Tony Stark's first suit didn't have repulser blasts; it had flame throwers. When bullets hit the Iron Man's suit it reflects them and doesn't leave a dent. Tony starks weapon that he uses when he is iron man are repulser blasts and rocket launchers.

I saw the Avengers with my dad and brother.
First we went to burger king then we played in the arcade and finnaly we saw the Avengers.The movie was awesome iron man was the best charachter.

This is me practicing cross country



fosssils are very old skeletons. they are huge or very small . Breaking news paliontoligist Marcus has found the first ever fossil of a Tyranosuarus. This is what paliontoligist Marcus has to say um it was very hard to find I am very proud of myself we havent found a fossil in years I am thinking about putting it in the musem

On tuesday the 31thst of June we went to ambury farm we saw a dog called baby G she rolls in the mud
external image 220px-TheAvengers2012Poster.jpg&sa=X&ei=ViDpT6TkOomImQX4kuCIDg&ved=0CAwQ8wc&usg=AFQjCNFvOcHb1BvZVCwYSKQHmNtKkDhJiwI have seen the Avengers
This term year four is going to learn about dairy farming how awesome is that . Did you know that the milking part of a cow is called the udder. If we didn,t have dairy farms it would be hard to survive without dairy farms . Here is a joke what do you get from nervous cows milkshakes is it funny please comment if you think its funnyI am doing iron man for my speach.
Here are some facts iron mans real life name is tony stark . The weapons are repulser blasts and rocket launchers . Iron man can fly with rocket boosters .Did you know in our kagan groups we are making a dairy farming game on game maker 8. In the star of our game we are making an evil farmer and evil ducks. Level 1 is milking cows if you want to know more comment you want to know more.


People who study fossils. People who study fossils have to study
a lot of stuff before they can become a paliontoligist.

Paliontoligists devolop new ideas.

They have got a lot of tools.

It is not easy being a paliontoligist

Get settled in. Your hearts are going to blast with laughter!

Once I was playing with my kitten Benny. Just then, Benny bit me! I got the covers from my bed and guess what I did with them...I trapped Benny and got under the covers with him. We had a big play fight together under the covers. Benny gave me a swipe on my nose. I know Benny had crossed the line. Then I pointed my finger while he was distracted I pulled his Hi i will talk to you about game maker game maker is creating


This is at ambury farm learning about cows.Ambury farm has heaps of animals and is not a proper dairy farm. On Ambury farm there are no horses which that means no
free horse or pony rides NOOOOO . The pigs were as stinky as cows rolling in mud how smelly is that. We learnt abot cows here is a fact we learnt that the udder of a cow is like when it is full of milk its like you want to go to the toilet really badly.