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M y Military Day 19.02.2012
Today was a very exciting day for me because I went with my family to the military tatttoo day. This was a fun filled family outing.

When I say fun filled I mean Boune castle, huge water ball, mini cars, sack slide, boot camp. Then I also experienced a little bit of the army life by holding a rifle, pistol, knife, axes, javilen. Then I got into an army jeep and military police car. The fun didn't stop here for me, my friends joined me and we ate lunch.

After lunch I played an aeroplane game and saw a marching band with back piper and saw a pretend battle against USA and Korea. After the battle kids collected shells of bullets.

I felt amazed and that was the most armiest day of my life!

We are learning to write a recount with 3 paragraphs. 17.02.12
My cool weekend at the mall
Yesterday my Mum, me and my brother and grandmother went to the mall to buy a toy. My brother got a sword and I got a lego pack. It was a one with a battle droid and a clone and a big ship that was red.

Then I went back home and opened it. My brother started buidlign it. When we finished we played with it. It was fun. I liked to play with my toy.

I felt really happy when I got the toy and my brother was smiling. We said thank you to my mama and nana. It was so so cool.

What is paleontology

  1. paleontology is the studdy of fossils and history of life

2. Geology, Chemistry, biolgy, Astrnomy

3.Describe differtent kind of creaturs.



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