Here is my Little Bird Tales:

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Welcome to my page!Here is some invisabel writing hilight--------------------------- ----------------------->

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This is my speech about other countires. There are nearly 200 countries in the world. People in different countries speak different languages. The language spoken in most countires is english then french then spanish.But there are more people that speak chinese mandirin because china has the biggest population wich is more than 1.3 billion people.the countires are split into 7 continents:Africa,Asia,North America,South America,Antarctia,Europe and Australia/Oceania.The countires that interest me the most are:England,Australia,scottland,Ireland,France,China,Nz,America and Japan.Most of those countires have people that speak english but with an accent.Australian people say gday mate.The most American name i know is Larry.People inEngland say jolly good.A city in France is Paris and people in Paris call it Pari.Iresh people say didley didley potatos.Did you know i am from scottland?New zealanders are also known as kiwis.hello kitty is very very popular in japan and china.Here are the countires i am from:Nz,Scottland,Ireland and China.We have been to Rarotonga and Australia.My mum has been to China and others like America.My dad has been to Japan and others like France and England.My unkel has been to Russia and Canada and France and England.M y nanny has been to France and Egept she rode a camel.My aunty lived in spain and visited china.She is living in Australia right now!My other nanna LIVES in china.My cousins are Papuanewguinean from there mums side.We are the only family that are.......Iresh!!!My favourite food from England is fish and chips, my favourite food from India is butter chiken.My fave food from Nz is pavlova,my fave Chinese food is duck.My fave Japanese food is sushi


We have been making ocarinas at school for art.

.I learnt that you have to get lots of pecic of clay and NOT just shape it.


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Swinging Love Hearts Maker

This is me when i was little on youtube!!! I am the little girl.The little boy is my cousin he is now 8 yrs old.The adult is Scotty from Shortland street.He is my unkel and he is 34.I am now 8 yrs old now.If you want to watch it look under VIDEOS!!!!!
See if you can use the magnifi glass to figure out my message about telephones.

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Today my family and I were in Christchurch to film SLAM on WhatNow! Check out some of the photos below and keep watching WhatNow each Saturday morning in september to see if you can spot me competing!


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Splash!!! my cousins my brother his friend and I jumped into the pool.It was as frezzing as the snow!My coisins got use to it fast.Me my brother my sister my coisin and my mum and my dad hoped in the warm pool.we had more fun in tere.

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HI I AM NGAWAI would you like to hear a bit about me?

My favorit food is ...butter chicken strawberrys caramelo chocolate.and salmon and avakato sushi. my favorit hobby is...playing on the favourit word is...


What is a paleontology?

1. paleontology is the study of fossils and the history of life.

check out what our neighbours up at our Bach caught in a net when he went fishing.

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The milking part of a cow is called an udder.

cows eat alot of grass.

DSCF1004.JPG This is us at Ambury farm watching the cows go out of the milking shed from getting milked!One is called Clover and the other is Jade.Clover is in the lead and Jade has the fattest udder!