Mrs Samuel has been reading this book to us this term.


We are the Rubies. We are reading Charlotte's Web Page.
Every chapter we read will be updated almost everyday.
Chapter 1 (Meet my family)
This story is about an 11 year old girl who lives in Boston, USA.
Her name is Charlotte Elizabeth Weisner. Her school is Stanley Elementary. Her five friends are Claudie, Opu, Jamie, Naomi and Brett. Her dad was always rushing off to work in the morning. Most of her family are computer geeks like Nat the nerd (brother) and her dad.Her mum runs a jean shop in the mall.

Chapter 2 (The bombshell is dropped)
It is nearly Charlotte's birthday which is January the 14th.She was hoping it was a super-cool and everyone would be nice but she was wrong a million times over. Dad wasn't in a hurry in the morning and so wasn't mum. Mum and dad had a big surprise for us but they weren't going to tell us until after dinner. The big surprise was that they were going to New Zealand for 6 months.

Chapter 3 (Doom Doom Doom)
Charlotte was feeling sorry for herself. She told her mum that she was sick in the morning. Charlotte had 5 minutes to get out of bed and get breakfast or her mum would throw out her favourite yogurt. Charlotte asked "What type of yogurt is it?". "Strawberry" Her mum said with a grin on her face. When Charlotte came downstairs Dad had already rushed out of the door and off to work at the airport. She saw Nat tracing lines in his breakfast bowl. " Mum I've been thinking, Grandma will be lonely if we leave her so I think me and Charlotte will stay home with Grandma when you and Dad are in New Zealand". " Yeah" said Charlotte as she butted into the conversation. " She'll be heartbroken if we leave her here all by herself"."Off to school NOW!!"

Chapter 4 (G'day Welcome to New Zealand) Charlotte woke up with a attendance standing over her. "What would you like for breakfast?, the fruit bowl or the omelette?". "Fruit bowl please, Thank you". Charlotte looked out of the window, She could see it was dawn and the sky was bright red. We finnaly arrived at New Zealand. A man with shorts and a t.shirt was holding up a sign with Weisner family on it. Could this be dad's new boss? He introduced himself. "Hello my name is Kevin a.k.a Mr. Lyons". " These are my children Sophie and Adam". They didn't name things the same as we did. Everything there was back to front in New Zealand. Dad hopped in the right hand side of the car just as he noticed that the steering wheel was right in front of him. Im never going to school.

Chapter 5 (school is not cool)
This chapter is about Charlotte going to school. Everything was different. They didn't have a cafeteria in the school, they brought there lunch from home and they call swim suits togs. Did Charlotte even give her friends her email address.

Chapter 6 (The Box)
In Chapter 6 Charlotte has to go swimming for the first time. She doesn't want to go because it is a complete embaressment for her. So she left her togs on the chair at home and started walking to school. What a big BUMMER it was for Charlotte because just as she reached the gate her mum came panting up to her. "Here, you forgot your togs" said mum. What was Charlotte going to do now?

Chapter 7 (Charlotte-are you there?)
This part is about Charlotte and her amazing friends studying on their penguin project. Ngaire and Rua spent the whole time giggling and throwing paper at each other so Sefi and Charlotte left and went home. When Charlotte got home She heard boy voices from her room. When she opened the door she saw Nat the nerd and his friends. Nat did something he had never done before, he actuallly introduced his friends to me. Charlotte got embaressed and she blushed when Yo (One of Nats friends)said hi to her.

Chapter 8 (Charlotte the mighty has fallen)
Charlotte's dad came into her room and She got a big fright. Did she know it was her dad? Yes but what on earth was he wearing. He looked like his boss from the airport... BUT WORSE!!! I was just about to ask dad whats up with the costume but then I noticed that he was going to his communtiy picnic at the beach. It was a loooonnng drive.