We finished our class novel!!!! Check out what we thought...

Check out the first version of 'We are 5f and we know it!'

Eeeek, it's nearly holiday time! Look at what we have done this term:

Check out our Identity Art process from earlier in the Term:

Check us out hitting the tee ball!!!

09.03.12 Here is an updated EVEN BETTER VERSION of our 'Moving to NZ' video. We hope you enjoy it!!! Thanks so much to J'adore who after watching Mrs Samuel do the editing ONCE only picked up how to do it herself (So all the editing you see in this video was her). Also thanks so much to Jorgia for her awesome filming! Keep up the great work girls.

08.03.12 After watching Fair Go last night and seeing Levi (the Nek Minit man) we want to credit him for his Nek Minit video.

These are the first videos we have made this year. We put this together for our landscape learning topic 'Moving to NZ'. We had to think of things that were hard about migrating to another country. From there we used the popular youtube clip 'Nek Minit' to show the good side of moving to another country. We learnt many things while being involved in this project.
- Use a loud, clear voice.
- Don't have your back to the camera.
- Keep the camera still so things don't go fuzzy
- Have expressive actions (SMILE)

We hope to improve our videoing skills and put updated versions here to share with you. ENJOY