Narrative writing by The Gold Stars (Kirsty,Maggie,Amber and Maddison)

Narrative writing by Emmanuelle, Jorgia, Zachary and Marcus:

Narrative writing by 'Moon Base 4' (Ngawai, Carol, Ezra and Ben)

Narrative writing by 'Gampires' (J'adore, Erikah, Jada, Skyler and Finau) Narrative writing by 'The Star Experts' (Thenuja, Channon, Eddie and Michael)There are 4 parts to the story - we hope you enjoy it.

Thenuja, Channon, Eddie and Micheal - I really enjoyed viewing your Photobabble on the class wiki page. It is great to see excellent e-Learning.
From Mr Jenkin

The writing groupsJ'adore,Erikah, Maggie,Ngawai,Kirsty,Jorgia,Carol and Thenuja are separated into two groups for the Barfoot and Thompson young authors challenge against other people. Their message is our Wakaaranga School motto "To be the best we can possibly be". We are all happy and interested in it and really want to win. There are eight winners.You have to:
  • Register
  • Work on your story
  • Make it a good unique story
  • Send the registration to the address with the story by June 11th 2012
  • See if they like the story
  • If they think it is really good then they will hopefully put it in the top eight
  • The Blues captain Keven Mealamu Illistrates it.
  • They make it all into one book.
  • We hope we win!!


  1. Get some paper to write on
  2. Choose a Spring board
  3. Describe your Setting
  4. Write the Plot (Including problem and solution!!)
    What do we do next?Draw a picture that describes your story and its setting. Take a photo of it and record your story on fotobabble. Make sure you practice reading your story so it sounds really expressive when you have record it.

Check out our Narrative Writing below.
13.04.12Sit down, get crazy, and get ready to go to another planet! Did you hear that! It sounds like an alien! It was an alien! It was a green, mooshy gooshy three eyed ugly alien! We better go back to planet earth right this instant! It's a very cozy space ship. Thanks for coming. By Gold Stars!

OMG I love spagetti!!! I always buy it from the beautiful, peaceful town square in a delicious spagetti factory. You can read under the shady trees, and the neighbourhood is so nice and friendly. If you're too tired to walk then you can get a cab.

My name is Prince George. I live in a kingdom of happiness and joy. You have to go through the tunnel of terror and past the jungle of joy. My island has watery, rocky walls and the fresh air fills the kingdom.

Ahh!!! It is very dark and spooky in space. C'mon get settled in, your'e gonna go to neptune!

I'm Prince George and I live in an underwater playground surrounded by big giant sharks! So get excited!!!
What a wacky day! Yesterday I was twirling in a time machine because I needed photos of dinosaurs but then I found myself in this mysterious jungle! The jungle was full of monkeys, snakes and wild animals. I guess I pressed the wrong button. "!!" Thank goodness that I have a stream behind me! (By Maggie)
I'm freezing underwater. The seaweed curls around me, the water is cold. The slimey fish swim past slowly while i'm freezing..poor me!!!! Achooooooooo! (Jorgia)
Oh dear, oh dear! I am going to the hospital... (By Thenuja)
Light the candle! You are scaring the dragon. I can't find it. We are in a tunnel. Can't you see I have a torch? (By Thenuja)
Where am I? In a tunnel? Arrrrghhh.... (By Thenuja)
Oh no! I am deep down in the sea... (By Thenuja)
Oh no! I am on an island with an angry bull! Oh no it's the island of bulls. Goodbye my life. The island was wet. I could only see bulls and coconut trees. I think I better climb to the top to be safe and sound. (By Michael)
Oh no! I'm stuck in a submarine! It's so oily in here. The walls are metal. There's too much pressure...SMASH...the glass breaks. It's so dark here and I can't see the control panel. (Marcus)
The monster is scared of the dark in the dungeon. I'm going crazy. What a wacky day. I'm freezing! My brother is going green. It's very spooky. Light the another planet is ahead! (Ben)
Oh no!!!! I can see big trees. There is a monkey swinging from branch to branch. I am going crazy but I am alone. I look beside me...a tiger roars. I run as fast as I can and notice the green leaves of the trees and more monkeys looking down. They have big bunches of bananas and long tails. This jungle is like a wonder-land! (By Amber)
Kiss a frog because you need a little love to begin this romance. Bring them to a funky dance floor and boogie on down. Grab a drink, you know that they're bubbly and delicious. Or you can go to the WONDERFUL Museum with creepy crawly bugs, snappy snazzy Alligators and last of all the beautiful boney dinosaurs. The weird and wonderful room will be slightly loud. All you can hear is pitter patter, pitter patter, pitter patter... (J'adore)
Kathy likes to skip at the playground. She took her skipping rope to the playground and played jump rope. Oh no! A dungeon. Very spooky! It's made of strong rocks and you can't escape ARRRHGHGHHH (Emmanuelle)

Ahh my blue sock is flying around the farm. The cows are frozen and the ice is metal. Nothing can move. (Ryan)
No no, it's too spooky in the tent. Actually the reason it's so spooky is because it's soo smelly. Who could of thought that a refreshing tent out in the wilderness could get such a bad smell. The air was thick and sticky. (Carol)
OH, NO! I'm stranded on a desserted island! It's called Nether end because it keeps on getting bigger...and bigger... AND bigger... AND BIGGER! And it has scary ghosts...oh man, here comes one now...! (Eddie)
It's my studio. Get to the train station right away. Oh no the studio is so wet and rubbishy and gross. (Channon)
Oh no! I can't find my blue sock! I wonder where it could be? Did you hear that? It sounds like theres a panther coming! Light the candles! It's very spooky. How did I get here? Where's the exit! It's as hot as the sun in here!! Please help me! (Kirsty)
Light the candles, my brother is green. He's freezing being in another planet! (Carol)
Yesterday the sun was blue. I must of been in another planet, LIKE MARS!!! Oh no! I'm surrounded by green goey aliens in a hot atmosphere! (J'adore)
Can someone light the candles because it's really dark in this museum. Who invented heaters because I think they forget to inform the museum about this creation. I'm freezing!! (Jada)
Oh No!!! I'm on an island. There are snakes circling around the trees. Ahhh there's a snake slithering on the rough dirt ground I ran away AHHHH a lion! I'm surrounded with scary creepy animals. The snake hissed and the lion roared. I felt scared and lonely on this scary island. Even though I wasn't really alone... (Ngawai)
Cool, an underwater submarine. Something opens the door. THUD!!! CRASH!!!! BANG!!!! I woke up, looked around, I was in a dungeon except there was something strange on the walls. They were made of crystal! (Ben)
Yesterday the sun went blue and I went for a swim at the beach. I said OH NO there's a big blue shark under the sea with a big smile on his face! (Finau)

Our second writing focus is narratives.
What is a narrative?
A narrative is a non fiction story using events or experiences.

Why do we write them?
We write narratives to entertain and to tell a story.

Here is the structure of a narrative:




Here are some examples of narratives at different levels. See which level you write at...


Our first writing focus is recounts.
Here is a template to write your own recount!! Open it and print it to write your own story!

external image pdf.png Recount template.pdf


Here are some examples of recounts at different levels. See which level you write at...


Thanks to Megan Lindsay for the above information.