Hi there "moo" What KOKO "mooo" It's always a moo from koko
Hello fellows guess what we did for art on week 6? Class 5f made ocarina in the art room

What do you want to be when you grow up.
I want to be a Zookeeper at Auckland Zoo.
Can you imagine being able to feed the ferocious lions, to tickle the cheeky monkeys or to train the giant elephants.
I sure can.
For those of you who have been to Auckland Zoo do you remember climbing
24.7.12 i just found this song from youtube

24.7.12 i just found this song from

Here is a comic I am working on at the moment during free writing.

We are learning how to write a recount with 3 paragraphs.

"Don't you knock" I said "Don't you know I have an alarm".
I looked at the time and I started to pack my bag. After I brought my bike out and my dad took my bag out into the van. Later we hopped in the car. Finally we left to family camp.

When we arrived at camp we went to our cabin. While my mum was unpacking all the stuff in the bag me and my brother went to ride our bikes. After a long way we came to the hot pool to have a swim.

I had a really really really good time!.

external image dragon-fossil.jpghere is a dragon fossil from goggle images.

external image trace_fossil_1.jpghere are some trace fossils from goggle images

I learnt how to make a simile poem

Dogs are as Brown as Chocolate.