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hello there my class are learning to do recorder
do yknow whats a recorder is its a type flute
its very fun and AWESOME!. You have to pratice before

you go to the have to go to the real challenge


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MY SPEACH About autumn
I just went for a walk ... it was surprised me ... Because... something happening to the leaves
Leaves are changing colour and falling to the ground
OH NO....trees going to die Do you think
I am to find out... what is going on out side. My dear Teacher, Parent and my friend,

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Hela Mihira 024-1.jpg

This is me wearing a custom to get ready
to dance on a stage. When it was 14 of april.

My name is Senaya
I am 8 years old
I love to dance on stage 3 times
I love to paint and Mrs Samuel likes it
I love myslef

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Welcome to my page! Please read the narrative I did for homework this week:
Travelling to the Moon!
By Senaya

Nicolas and Sunshine are Astronauts. One day Nicolas invented me to travel to the moon with them. This is my first time going on a spaceship. I'm so excited!

Today is the 15th of March, we are travelling to the moon H was so light. We get into the spaceship and we have to sit upside down. The spaceship takes off like a rocket and it makes a big noise. I felt a little bit worried Nicolas said don't worry you will be fine. After a long journey we landed on the moonORRAY! Sunshine gives me a .

The moon is a ball of rock and it was very dry and dusty Sunshine said no one can live in the moon because moon doesn't have water and air. I placed my footprint and collected some rocks. There was thousands of craters on the moon. There was large dark patches on the moon called sea but there is no water so the sea was dry.

We stayed 3 days and returned home. I'm so pleased to see my family back and also I;m so happy with my big adventure.


external image bismuth2.jpg
external image coppersulfate.jpg