In the weekends I woke up in the best shock of my life! My mum said to check her bag. So I did. Then there, in front of my eyes was... the fun making, dollar breaking awesom- HEY ENOUGH OF THE THE DESCRIPTIONS YOUR MAKING OUR BRAINS HURT!!!!!!! All right it was the ...1...2...3...4...ENOUGH! HURRY UP ! OK OK so rushy. Its DON DON DON the super hero video game!!! FINALLY!!!

Here is a picture of it.
This week and last week we did descriptive writing about an animal we saw at ambury farm. Here is my one.

Who is that running all over the farm?Its the famous cheeky goat BABY G. BABY G smells like left over beef in the oven. She wonders all over Ambury Farm! That goat can really jump.

Last week we did art and we were making clay whistiles. I made a shark. I hope it will turn out good!

Our trip this term was Ambury Farm! It was awesome! We saw pigs, cows and chickens! We even got to see the cows getting milked! I was in Kirstys group!

My Progress with the Recorder:

I can play the notes A B G and E! This
is some parts of the song "hot cross buns"

My Progress with Maori:

I am getting better at talking maori ever
since we started Maori lessons!

My Progress with Speedminton:

I am pretty good at speedminton!
I can hit the pin and I can do a good

My Progress with Swimming:

I can float so I am in level 2! I
am not so good and not so bad!

My Progress with Cross Country:

The goal for cross country is to
do 7 laps! Me and Marcus run
together to see who can do it first!

Skyler (mp3)


Fossils are normally found by accident.

Most fossils are mold and cast.

Paleontoligist have to learn geoloay,chemistry,bidogy and astronomy.

Fossils are traces of things that happened a long time ago.

Paleontolagy is normally not easy!!!

Fossils are really really I mean really fragile(DO NOT TOUCH).

Paleontoligist have to discover volcanos,rocks and outer space.

Paleontolagy is the study of fossils and history of life.

No matter how many clues we have we can never really know how life was like

a long time ago.

This is my favourite song sang by the fold. Its called The Weekend Whip. I got it off youtube I hopre you enjoy it as much as I did!

Check out these AWESOME lego inventions! There totaly MEAN!
external image galaxy-patrol.jpg&sa=X&ei=b63nT82wAu3umAXYjvHzCg&ved=0CAsQ8wc4Mg&usg=AFQjCNENKVS9zKFQ-IYY5L1XsJ7eo6w6AQOn Saturday it was my cousins birthday he was turning 7 and everyone who came got a minifig. This is one I got.

external image Legoland+Malaysia.jpg&sa=X&ei=L6_nT7qhHKyfmQWBlNWLCw&ved=0CAsQ8wc&usg=AFQjCNGoih-DQCy0sOX2mA4DzweuLu0AcgThis is legoland malysia. I put it on my wiki because I'm going there in November! I'll tell you about my trip after I go there!
external image legoland-malaysia-nusajaya-johor-bahru.jpg&sa=X&ei=E7HnT_-6LYSbmQXo9-mMCw&ved=0CAwQ8wc&usg=AFQjCNE_y__aNL1EFLQAnNL5PlN4zaqtmgThis is the amazing awesome map of Legoland Malaysia!

Myspace Generators & Toys

external image ParkMapFull.png
Look its the legoland map and the places you could go! I know this page is full of lego stuff. But I can't help myself! I just love LEGO!

external image Lego+Super+Heroes+DC+6857+The+Dynamic+Duo+Funhouse+Escape.jpgGUESS WHAT THIS IS!!! But somthing here IS about learning! Seriously!
I know it looks like a ordinary lego set that I like... BUT ITS ACTAULLY MUCH MORE!!!!! For example lego is a invention! The batcycle the cart is a INVENTION!
And trust me the guy who made this is a pretty good INVENTER!

Our new topic is Dairy Farming. And I can not wait for the AWESOME trip. Did you know that there are two tipes of cows? Do you know what there called? Put a comment!!!

Dairy Farming is awesome!!! There are cows with creamy milk and normal milk. And lots of things are made out of milk such as cheese and butter!

In the holidays I watched spider man in the movies.external image 220px-The-Amazing-Spider-Man-theatrical-poster.jpeg?t=20120625064142
In the weekend our car broke down in the middle of the motorway! We called the police and they changed the batteries of the car, and guess what it worked! We drove home but on the way it stopped again! This time we called A A and they knocked the bottom of the car with a hammer! It worked once again but you will never guess what happened! It stopped for the third time. We called A A again and they gave us a tow home! What a night.

Did you know speech's is coming up! I am writing about computers! I chose computers because I like going on the computers! And right now you are reading this on the computer!!!!!!!!

Its nearly the speech finals so as a surprise I am going to write my speech! Hope you enjoy it!


What do you like doing in your free time? Reading books or making stories? Well I know 1 thing that you just need to do every single minute of every single day! The computer! Packed with lots of ways to learn,study and learn!

What do you like doing on the computer? Searching facts or reading stories? Playing games or perhaps watching videos!

Sorry I have other things to write about! Like I am going to Marcus's house on Friday! I can't wait!!!!!

Do you know what I am doing for personal project? Well I am making a game called Galaxy Adventures on Game Maker 8! I am doing it with the help of Marcus and Channon!!
I am also making a game for LL (lanscape learning) with my group Eddie, Ben and Ezra! It is called cow track!

Did I tell you about the ambury farm trip! Well on Tuesday room 5f and 5e went! It was alot of HOOPLA!!!!! There were lots of: pigs, cows, roosters and much more!!!!!

Me and Marcus have started making a game called adventure explorers! We got out of 2 pits! (restart if killed and you can not go through walls!)