We sit in groups called teams.Each of us have a number 1, 2, 3, or 4.We have face partners and shoulder buddies.

Kagan reasons for Teambuilding:

1. Getting to know teammates.
2. Forming a group identity.
3. Feeling supported by teammates.
4. Clarifying and respecting differing values.
5. Building on teammates' contributions.

The July Girls story made everyone laugh...
'Breaking News! A great white shark is travelling in a time machine. We discovered this in 1949 last week! Its been to india and got a very cool tan. Reporter Jorgia when to the beach for a swim and found a time machine. Out came a shark BOOM! It was scary! The shark had an indian tattoo across its body. Calls of help were lost because everyone was already in their cars. What can you do ARRRHH? At last it was found out that the shark was super brainy.


1. Getting to know classmates.
2. Forming a class identity.
3. Feeling supported by classmates.
4. Clarifying and respecting differing values.
5. Building on classmates' contributions
"Think of classbuilding as an investment. We invest some
class time to create a positive learning enviornment so that learning time
is more productive." Kagan
In 5F we...
Think nice! Treat others the way we want to be treated.
Try new things and do our personal best.
Help people when we can.
Include others.

Kagan structures we have used for Classbuilding:

1. Find Someone Who...

2. Stand Up / Hand Up / Pair Up (Kagan Chips)

3. Inside / Outside Circle (Kagan Chips)


Above: Our signatures all together in agreement.